Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Story Mode Walkthrough: Full Metal Jacket, A Devious Entei, and Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire



Ahhh, it seems like only a few weeks ago that we were stumbling upon the Ruins of Alph for the very first time. This could be due to the fact that it actually has been a number of weeks since the last story mode update for Pokémon Tower Defense 2, and it has been an impatient one at that. After the outrageous nothingness that the Route 32 update provided, all has been forgiven in light of the lovely Ruins of Alph and the potential they have for our entertainment; last time we got to catch Unown at our leisure, but this week something more wicked this way comes, and we have another boss battle on our hands. Brace yourself for quite the tough cookie since this update brings us face to face with a shadow Entei, a fearsome fire Pokémon that will have you aflame in no time, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any fire extinguishers in the Pokémon world, so let’s not let our lovely creatures undergo even a light spot of combustion this week, shall we?

Metal Coat – Impractical for wearing, perfect for Pokémon

Firstly, Sam has gone and been rather sneaky and has nestled an item amongst the trees just north of the gate to the west of Route 32. Actually, it’s not really that sneaky, since the Pokéball icon that signifies the presence of an item is actually supremely visible; either way, make your way back to Route 32 before we go taking on any shadow Pokémon and getting ourselves frustrated by being repeatedly defeated by the mighty Entei. Once you re-enter Route 32 from the west, the item is waiting for you above the gate, but you must first navigate the trees in order to get to it. See the arrow-like formation of three trees just above the gate building? You have to walk behind the tree that is on the same level as the tree at the tip of this ‘arrow’ formation (this tree is found to the right of the gap). Simply walk behind this tree heading to the left until you are in line with the item, and then walk upwards to get your hands on the Metal Coat.  It’s not exactly a puzzle worthy of the Crystal Maze, but it did take me a minute or so to figure it out. I also thought that it would be mightily rude of me not to include a diagram in case anyone is having trouble with this mini-maze.


Since paint is the poor man’s Photoshop, and I am in possession of no large sums of money, I’ve drawn an informative arrow which is begging to be followed (my guides are best described as ‘rustic’),

The Metal Coat is a handy little item whose inclusion in the game comes as a result of Sam’s efforts to increase the number of PTD 1 transfers to the PTD 2 experience. Sam has brought over Onix and Scyther, both of which will evolve into their respective final forms if traded whilst in possession of the Metal Coat; this means that you can own your very own Steelix or Scizor should you wish to take the time to find and use said Metal Jacket! After my carefully-drawn diagram above, not finding it simply isn’t an excuse.

Entei the Dragon

After grabbing the Metal Coat (or leaving it behind due to your indifference to Onix/Scyther), simply return to the area containing the Ruins of Alph, which of course lies to the west of Route 32. Having already battled the Unowns in the north and south sections of the ruins, you should encounter our old pals Ash and Gary standing outside, probably having a chinwag about old times when Pokémon games came only in Red or Blue and their rivalry was reaching boiling point. Walk up to Ash and rudely interrupt their casual socialising; Ash should utter something about Zai and Silver, and then encourages you to go ahead and check the ruins again. You know what this means: something must be afoot in the Ruins of Alph, and you can bet large sums of money on the fact that it will involve some shady, shadowy Pokémon that are up to no good.

Since I bet the deed to my house on the fact that shadow Pokémon are causing a ruckus in the ruins, it’s a good job for my livelihood that I was right. In the north section of the ruins, you will find that the Unowns are now of the shadow variety and that entering into a battle with them will now initiate a boss fight. The Pokémon at the centre of this whole debacle is a shadow Entei that seems hell bent on loitering at the top of the screen and throwing fireballs at your Pokémon whilst the shadow Unowns sidle across the screen in an orderly fashion to continue nabbing the rocks that they have always been so very fond of.

The layout

After the boss fight commences, the screen zooms out a little to fit everything in, with the Unowns conducting the usual petty theft of the rocks on the right hand side of the screen while the Entei sits aloof at the top of the ruins spitting out the occasional deadly fireball. The scene is set out in the poorly-cropped screenshot below.



Action stations: Unowns attempt to nab the pebbles on the right whilst shadow Entei causes a hell of a disturbance from above

The Tactics

[Ok, so there’s no sugar coating this: unless you have a team composed almost exclusively of ground, rock, or water Pokémon, this battle is going to be quite the frustrating time for you, and since there isn’t exactly an abundance of ground or water-type Pokémon kicking about in PTD2, this battle should be challenging for pretty much everyone. Of course, there are some that have spent a significant number of collective minutes and hours training their Pokémon to crazy levels and trading them in from PTD 1 left, right and centre, but I am not one of these people. Therefore, I can only really only offer a few general tips on how to go about conducting yourself in this battle to obtain a favourable outcome]

The best way to go about the situation is to position two or more Pokémon around the Entei using moves to disable/paralyse/slow down the frequency of his fireball attack, a few hits of which will render your Pokémon void from the battle, i.e. temporary Pokémon death/fainting. Whilst a few Pokémon are incapacitating the Entei and chipping away at his health, the rest can be stationed in the lower squares to deal with the Unowns that are getting away with the seemingly inert rocks NB:  you cannot let the Unown take all of the rocks as this will end the battle and you will have to start again, leading to epic levels of frustration and dejection.

While all of the above is going on, Entei releases slow-moving fireballs at any one of the Pokémon that you have stationed on the lower section of the screen. One of the most frustrating elements of the battle is the fact that once Entei releases a targeted fireball, the Pokémon that he has fired it at will be frozen in their position until the fireball has hit, meaning that you cannot simply move them out of the way like you could in the battles with Falkner. This puts an emphasis on getting the battle over and done with as quickly as possible before all of your Pokémon are issued with a ample servings of dust, which they will be encouraged to bite as they travel towards it at considerable speed.

Gaining the Advantage

Ok, so you know where to place your Pokémon, but this isn’t much use if you haven’t considered the details about the Pokémon in question here such as their types and levels. I recommend having your Pokémon at a minimum of level 25 (I think the cap here is about level 28).

Defeating Entei

The Entei here is a level 40 fire-type Pokémon and as such he is firstly extremely powerful, but secondly (and thankfully) vulnerable to Rock, Water and Ground-type moves. Luckily, there is an abundance of Geodudes available for capture in the Dark Cave/Route 46, as well as an Onix that you have previously been able to trade for a Bellsprout. The move Rock Throw will be extremely useful in wearing down his health. If you managed to grab the shiny Oshawott in the mystery gift giveaway, you can use water gun to extinguish Entei’s flame as well.

Perhaps more important than chipping away at Entei’s health is slowing down the release of his fireballs that deal a significant amount of damage to whomever is unlucky enough to come into contact with them. For this, I used Jirachi’s confusion to keep Entei in a constant state of bewilderment, but you can also use electric-type moves to paralyse him or bug/grass Pokémon with stun spore.


Recipe for Success: Jirachi confuses the Entei, reducing the frequency of his fireball. You can see that Dark Pidgeotto is frozen in his position, with the fireball going on to collide fiercely with him (forget my choice of Pokémon, these are for example purposes only).

Stopping the Unowns

The Unowns are only at level 15 and should therefore not be too much of a problem, particularly when considering the fact that they don’t actually attack you; they simply want to continue with their thievery. Being of the Psychic type, you will have a distinct advantage if you have Pokémon with Ghost, Dark, or Bug-type moves to throw at the Unowns. You can catch a Gastly at night on Route 31, and Caterpies are pretty common and learn Bug Bite at level 15. Don’t forget that Shiny Duskull was recently the mystery gift giveaway Pokémon; his Ghost-type moves should rough up the Unowns in quite a big way. Again, this battle is about splitting your focus to attack on two fronts; eliminating the Unowns in the least amount of hits as is possible will prevent them from getting away with the rocks and therefore keep the battle going on long enough for you to take out Entei. Ensuring that you have Ghost, Dark, or Bug-type moves when attacking them will ensure the Unowns are taken out swiftly, probably before they even get to the rocks, thus allowing you to focus all of your attention on disabling/defeating shadow Entei.

Until Next Update

The defeat of Entei and the shadow Unowns marks ceiling of possible progress you are able to make in PTD2 story mode thus far. It think it’s fair to say that it has been quite the tough one this week; many compliments to Sam for forcing us to use the entire area of the brain reserved for Pokémon-related challenges. Until the next update I suggest you continue about your usual business, perhaps treating yourself to a massage or relaxing crossword to wind down from all this shadow-Pokémon madness.

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