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It hasn’t exactly been a tremendous amount of time since the last instalment of my PTD2 guide; We have previously engaged in a little bartering for an Onix, tried our hand at a little extreme indoor gardening (largely weed-killing) in Bellsprout Tower, and had it out yet again in our rematch with Falkner, who seems to have an aversion to battling inside, which is likely related to his affinity for flying Pokémon. This week, we are quite literally cast into shadows of a more ominous nature as Giovanni returns to cause a little bit more trouble. Evil never has a day off, which luckily keeps the good among us in a job; let’s go ahead and take some action that balances out the darkness with a little bit of light, both metaphorically and literally. Tuck into the most recent addition to our Pokémon Tower Defence 2 adventure, courtesy of Sam and Dan’s continued hard work and dedication to the best damn Pokémon-based browser game out there.

Mid-Street Meet and Greet

Having completed your rematch with Falkner, your Onix trade and your nonessential-but-beneficial battles with the menacing Bellsprouts in the tower, you must now enter into this week’s recently-updated madness by approaching the crew of people loitering in the middle of Violet City, just to the right of the gym which Falkner insists on loitering outside, week after week. Step up to Ash Ketchum to initiate a little back-and-forth in which you are complimented on your fantastic battling skill and your likeness to Ash in general. Further conversation makes it clear that there is trouble afoot, which is punctuated perfectly the arrival of another familiar face: Giovanni comes waltzing in angrily from the left, spouting the usual cynical, evil nonsense about the world being bad and him not seeing the point of being good. Things start to get a little real after this, with Giovanni whipping Mewthree out to incapacitate the rest of the group and also send everyone to the shadow realm, which seems to be a place of excessive anger which causes people to become uncharacteristically bitter and hostile towards each other. Before I drown in all the overwhelming symbolism of evil in general, we should talk tactics for the battle with the Lugia that now appears, offering you a way out of this silly dimension. The price? You must defeat Lugia, and it’s not the most straightforward of tasks.

pokemon tower defense 2 game shadow realm: giovanni

Always one for the obligatory evil mutterings, Giovanni manages to gatecrash a party that had no gate to begin with. It’s not even indoors!

Shady Dealings, Shadowy Realm

All this commotion is basically just a garnish on the main meal of the battle which is about to take place as part of this week’s update to the game. You’ve been facing quite the number of airborne Pokémon recently, and this one is most certainly no exception; the only difference is that you are now in a shadow realm. All this effectively means in terms of battle is that someone has gone a little crazy with the dimmer switch and popped the lights all the way off; this battle is just like any other ‘boss’ battle that you have faced, and should be fought as such.

Your one and only foe is Lugia in this match, and he remains in a stationary position throughout the entire affair. The arena is comprised of Lugia hovering on the left of the screen while the kind lady on the left of the screen will heal your Pokémon if you place them in any of the positions available underneath her.

Might as well be Falkner 3.0

To effectively battle Lugia, you simply have to deploy your Pokemon in the areas around him to commence your attack, whilst being very mindful of the gust attacks which emanate from him towards your current position. Now, Lugia releases two kinds of gusts, the first being a fast-moving tornado which swiftly makes its way to your position; these aren’t all that harmful and are akin to less-than-devastating gust attack from any flying Pokémon out there. The second kind of gust moves more slowly but is significantly more devastating because it continues to damage you as it hovers over its target for quite a number of seconds, sapping your health very quickly and being significantly more dangerous for your Pokémon’s wellbeing.

pokemon tower defense 2 game shadow realm: lugia

Positions, people! Keep your Pokémon stationed around Lugia, moving them to protect them from his attacks and intermittently healing them in any one of the three squares on the left.

It is best to simply employ Falkner tactics here, in that you should simply keep your Pokémon moving when you see a gust coming towards you, whilst attacking Lugia with your strongest Pokémon. One high-level (25-30) Pokémon should suffice if you don’t wish to be continually moving them around, though the more Pokémon you have attacking, the faster you will be able to defeat him. You even have the ability to heal up your Pokémon mid-match, so use this at every opportunity and you will find success eternal in your efforts. Proceed with attacking Lugia whilst avoiding the deadly, slower-moving tornados and you can’t go wrong.  Unless you die, in which case, something has definitely gone awry. Try again with a little more heart and adherence to this guide’s recommendations.

Type Tactics

In your first encounter with Lugia, he is at a very tame level 20 and can be dealt with by Pokémon of almost any level providing you move them around enough. Of course, Pokémon of the electric variety are going to be most effective here, and much like in the Falkner battle, having picked up a Shiny Shinx in the weekly mystery gift giveaway puts you at a significant advantage due to the type matchups involved. Because Lugia is a Psychic/Flying type, bug-type moves are also extremely effective here. Rock-type Pokémon and/or moves are extremely effective against flying types, so this could be the perfect opportunity to make use of the Onix you recently traded and ensure he learns the ‘Rock Throw’ move. A Geodude can be equally as effective, particularly with ‘Defense Curl’, which can harden you up and prevent you from taking significant damage in the battle, while ‘Rock Throw’ wears Lugia’s health down in no insignificant way.

Can I get a rewind?

Quite like most of the battles in Pokémon Tower Defence 2, you are able to repeatedly enter into the Lugia battle even after you have successfully prevailed in your initial encounter with him. Talking to the bearded gentleman at the southernmost end of the loitering collective will initiate a repeat of the battle, only this time Lugia will be at level 30 to give you even more of a challenge.

Happy Endings

This concludes the Pokémon encounters for this week, which in this case is relatively short but infinitely sweet. I’m sure that everyone will be on the middle-to-edge area of their seat until the next update. Stay tuned: there will always be more.

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