Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Story mode: The Return of Mewthree, Hopeful Victory, and the Clear dangers of Cloning

Leave of Absence

It hasn’t exactly been the smallest amount of time since I’ve graced (or burdened) the blog with some useful words of Pokéwisdom, but in my defense, there hasn’t really been all much going on in the updates department aside from the eternally-shining star in the middle of an otherwise darkened sky devoid of hope and beauty that is the mystery gift giveaway. The last update we had was heftier than some in recent months, allowing us to battle against a new policeman/guard and also to give any electric Pokémon you may have a good workout. This week‘s update involves a battle that has more heft than any updates we’ve seen in a while in terms of storyline development and general entertainment value. To get stuck into this recently-updated slice of Pokémon glory, we must pick up from where we parted ways previously, which should be in the vicinity of the fisherman.

Dramatic Occurrences

If you can just go ahead and leave the fisherman alone for a while (he’s probably been defeated enough of late and must be somewhat upset at the fact that he must live through these failures on a daily basis), you should head to the south of route 32 in order to get things moving. Once you pass to the south of the previously-sealed barrier of development at the south of Route 32, the focus swiftly switches to a ‘Meanwhile at the Ruins of Alph’ scene where Ash and Gary are tinkering with dark forces beyond their comprehension and therefore causing the appearance of Shadow Mewthree. I’ll leave the details for you to discover, but short story even shorter, Mewthree is now out of control and bent on absorbing and assimilating everyone into the countless clones that he has creates.


Only trouble can ensue when you tinker with mysterious rocks that you don’t understands

Only trouble can ensue when you tinker with mysterious rocks that you don’t understand


 Mewthree 2: The Cloning (The Return of Mewthree)

Though Mewthree is yet to become an officially-licensed, Pokédex-occupying Pokémon, he is causing more trouble than ever in the Pokémon Tower Defense 2 world, probably in an attempt to pass the time between now and the release of Pokemon X and Y. Since the devil is said to make work for idle hands, he’s apparently given full-time employment with benefits and a generous pension to this Mewthree clone, who in this battle is now attempting to assimilate you into his being after having sucked in the fisherman and a few others. The layout of the battle can be seen below.


This battle layout it pretty linear and dare I say simple (if you have the right Pokémon with the appropriate moves), with Mewthree slowly moving down towards you. If he reaches you and carries you far enough, you will lose the battle.

What Mewthree Does

Mewthree moves slowly towards you, and can only be delayed by placing your Pokémon in any one of the battle zones around him. Mewthree will stop in his tracks when you begin attacking him, but after a short while he will banish your Pokémon from their battle zones and back into your collection and continue moving towards you.


It may seem like a stating of the painfully obvious (you’d be surprised how plainly some things have to be explained to some people), but the regardless of Pokémon choice, the way to beat Mewthree is simply to keep him occupied for as long as possible by consistently deploying your Pokémon from the moment he enters the screen from the top to the moment he is defeated. Once he banishes your Pokémon out of their places, don’t waste a single second: get your Pokémon right back out there and attacking him again and again until this dastardly Shadow Mewthree Clone is taught a stern lesson.

Type Troubles

It’s all very well and good knowing what positions to place your Pokémon in, but the more important factor here is which type of Pokémon are going to be most effective against Mewthree? Standard type effectiveness correctly indicates that the use of dark, bug, and ghost-type moves is going to be most effective against psychic-type Mewthree. Now, you can catch a Gastly at night in a few areas, and Caterpies are also roaming about in some areas. Since I can’t really cover all the possible Pokémon that can possibly be used here (particularly when considering that you can transfer Pokémon from PTD 1, not to mention the variety of mystery gift Pokémon), I’ll just tell you which Pokémon I used for a successful conclusion to the battle: Jirachi, Luxio, Absol, Duskull, and Cranidos. These Pokémon were all obtained from mystery gift giveaways and were close to, if not over the level limit of 30 in this battle.

Move Matters

The moves that proved most effective for my Pokémon in this battle were ghost and dark-types, with Duskull using Shadow Sneak, Absol using Bite, Cranidos using Assurance, and Luxio using Crunch. Status moves can also be useful here, with confusion or paralysis-inducing moves slowing things down a little. Personally, I had Jirachi use helping hand in order to raise the attack stats of surrounding Pokémon in order to boost everyone else’s potential for damaging Mewthree.

Damage Report

This week’s update is up there with the best of them in terms of challenging us and moving on the storyline a little. The battle with Mewthree is a challenge, but isn’t overwhelmingly difficult for those that don’t happen to have a selection of incredibly powerful Pokémon. The level cap is 30 in this match, so having Pokémon at around this level is advisable. Mewthree also doesn’t really have any devastating attacks, but can keep one of your Pokémon fixed in place and unable to swap out, so bear this in mind. In all, the battle should go smoothly if you keep the type-effectiveness recommendations in mind. The next update will consist of the mystery gift, so standby for new codes, and more story mode updates as they happen!

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