Pokémon Tower Defense 2 – Story Mode Walkthrough: Route 32 and Nothing to Do


This instalment of what will likely be a long-running guide in the form of the written word will cover the newly-created Route 32. In all honestly (and much to our disappointment), there really isn’t that much to do compared to the activities that previous updates to the game have offered us. Having entered the shadow realm and defeated the pesky Lugia and perhaps battled him repeatedly thanks to Sam’s inclusion of the option for constant rematches, we’re left to explore a little south of Violet City. From the main city, Route 32 can be located by taking the path to the south of the inaccessible Pokémart in Violet City; simply continue downwards and a little off the beaten path, where Route 32 awaits.

Electric Sheep and Uncommon Candies

We’re looking a little sparse for activities this week, since guards block the way to the Ruins of Alph as well as the route that leads to the southern part of Route 32. Since we’ve nowhere to travel, we might as well try and pick up a few new Pokémon. Available for capture are Mareep (daytime) and Wooper (only at night).

Entering into a battle with the wild Mareep begins an encounter a little different to your usual wild battle. A boss battle will likely commence when you run into a Mareep (you must knock into it repeatedly since the first few goes will simply give you a mild shock and repel you away), and in this battle you must do a little defence of the Rare Candies that are sitting at the back of the forest. This battle involves battling against a Level 15 Flaaffy which cannot be caught. Once you have defeated this Pokémon, a level 30 one also appears (also cannot be caught).It’s quite difficult to defeat these two Pokémon unless you have trained yours to an extremely high level, but even then their levels are capped at 20, so it is unlikely that you’ll manage to defeat the level 30 Pokémon.

You can catch the following Mareeps that pass by, as well as being able to capture a Wooper at night. As it stands, there are quite literally no other activities to be undertaken in this week’s update of Pokémon Tower Defence 2. Let’s hope we get something more substantial next week!

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