Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Story Mode Walkthrough: Route 32 re-do, Fisherman’s Friend, and It’s the Sound of the Police


Well, it hasn’t been all that long since the mighty giveaway of the mystery gift persuasion and already we have another story mode update! Even though Sam has notified us that he will be concentrating more on giving us more moves by increasing the soft cap levels in the game to the ultimate goal of 100, we still find ourselves up to our necks new content; I don’t know how else to explain it apart from that the man is a machine. The last update that had us venture into the world of pixelated Pokémon madness saw us fighting against a disruptive Entei whilst thwarting some dastardly thievery from the Unown from which I expected better (perhaps we should give them a break, however, since they are under the shadowy influence that has been making Pokémon behave strangely as part of the central storyline for PTD2 so far). This week’s update gives us reason to return to the initially disappointing Route 32 for another encounter with the seemingly short arm of the law (a level 14 Magikarp isn’t exactly a show of authority) and a ‘save the (rare) candy’ battle with a fisherman at the south of the Route. There still isn’t exactly a load to do but it’s better than a kick in the enamels.

Route 32 II: The Sound of da Police



After speaking to Ash in the Ruins of Alph, you are directed to Route 32: It’s like Sam himself is giving you directions, probably because he is.

That’s right, I’ve used the title of KRS-One’s single to provide a heading for this section, which is brief and involves a simple (and optional) encounter with the guard that was previously blocking the south exit of Route 32. If you pick up from where we left off in the previous guide, we should still be at the Ruins of Alph having ruined the efforts of the Shadow Entei and sneaky Unowns within the ruins, leading to a bit of ruinception and more importantly, the ability to go outside and talk to Ash and Gary to make them go inside. After they are inside the ruins, talk to Ash and he will recommend that you check out 32 and head south, and seeing as Sam Otero controls what everyone in the game says, you should head east from the ruins to go back to Route 32.

Upon arriving at Route 32, you will find that the policeman that was previously blocking your passage to the south has kindly stepped aside to let you through; before you do so, you can talk to him in order to start a battle. This particular policeman must be fairly low on the gate-guard hierarchy since all he has is a level 14 Magikarp, and as any Pokémon fan knows, this Pokémon is pretty much useless until it evolves into the terrifying Gyardos, so you can go ahead and use pretty much any Pokémon against it. Unfortunately, the battle yields a pretty negligible quantity of experience points compared to the battle against the guard to the west of the route, so being able to battle this particular officer of the law really isn’t much use to anyone other than to pad out the update a little. Oh well, let’s head south to some more substantial battle-related antics.


The policeman at the south of Route 32 has stepped aside, though still insists on battling you if you talk to him. For a man with a level 14 Magikarp, he’s pretty confident.

Bigger Fish to Fry

Heading south will lead to another section of Route 32 heading towards Azalea Town (which isn’t available until the next update) which contains a few wild Pokémon (no new Pokémon for capture, unfortunately) and the aforementioned fisherman waiting to battle anyone that is willing. If you fancy a battle against some higher-level water Pokémon, then go up and speak to him in order to start up the battle.

This encounter is very similar to the one against the wild Mareep/Flaaffys in the north of route 32 in that you must battle the Pokémon as they enter from the left of the screen with the intention of making off with the three rare candies that are sitting on the right-hand side; if the Pokémon manage to run off with all of the rare candies, the battle will end abruptly in favour of the fisherman.

The layout of the battle is identical to the previous Mareep/Flaaffy encounters, with the rare candies sitting on the right of the screen as the Pokémon enter in waves from the left, alternating between the top and bottom entry points as seen in the hurriedly-cropped screenshot. Two giant Qwilfish enter simultaneously at the beginning, and both are at level 20. These Pokémon are slower moving than the Pokémon that follow them, so you have more time to attack them. Standard type-effectiveness rules should apply here, and since Qwilfish is a dual Water/Poison –type Pokémon, it can quickly be dispatched by ground, electric, or psychic-type moves.  The Pokémon I used to give the Qwilfish a bad day are Jirachi and Luxray, both of which I obtained during the mystery-gift giveaway, though you could use Mareep or perhaps an Unown from the Ruins of Alph. Luckily, next week’s giveaway is going to involve Ralts and Solosis which are both psychic-types and will help greatly in this battle.


This illustrates the entry points of the Qwilfish, with two of them at level 20 entering initially, followed by lower-level ones that alternate between the upper and lower entry point. Use type-effective Pokémon such as Psychic, Electric and Ground to dominate in this battle (but watch out for the fast level 14 Qwilfish that appear occasionally to catch you out)

After ruining the lives of the giant level 20 Qwilfish, some smaller, lower-level ones begin to enter in waves that alternate between the top and bottom entrances. While these Pokémon are more easily defeated than the level 20s, some of them move extremely quickly, and will slip past your attacks if you’re only using one or two Pokémon, so it pays to deploy as many as possible. Since I don’t have an abundance of super-effective Pokémon to use against water/poison types, I simply positioned all of my Pokémon at the point where each wave entered, concentrating all my forces there instead of dividing them between two fronts where they are more likely to fail. The level cap in this battle is 25, and it pays to have your Pokémon at this level as a minimum at this stage in the game. You can either move your powerful, most effective Pokémon back and forth depending on where the waves of Qwilfish are entering from, or you can deploy them on both sides if you have creatures that are powerful enough; either way, you simply have to stop the Qwilfish from nabbing all of the rare candies and the battle is yours. Try not to lose, since the fisherman utters some pretty terrible smack talk about getting wet if you do happen to lose.


Heading further south from the fisherman will lead you to a virtual dead end as a result of the game reaching a developmental ceiling. Sam hasn’t made the next part yet, so we’re going to have to wait for the next update to travel any further! Spend the time training up your Pokémon and waiting for the psychic-type shiny giveaway at the beginning of next week! It’s been thoroughly emotional guiding you through this update, and I’m sure you’ll be somewhere close to the edge of your real or metaphorical seats until then.

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