Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Absol and Shiny Scraggy


Double for Nothing

As if I wasn’t already excited enough about the weekly Pokémon Tower Defense 2 mystery gift giveaway to cause myself a mild to moderate Pokémon-related seizure in which I’m left a twitching mess on the floor as a result of frantically searching for this week’s code, Sam only went and pulled a jammy stunt like sneaking in an extra Pokémon to get our hands on. It was the inclusion of the second Pokémon that actually triggered the seizure, since I quickly came to realise that as well as pure dark-type Absol getting the shiny treatment this week, we would also be graced with Scraggy’s presence in all his shiny glory. Now, if last week’s giveaway is anything to go by, then the buck-toothed, dual-type dark/fighting Pokémon will be of limited availability, so it may pay to get on the bandwagon with this one in a timely manner. Don’t worry if you’re a little late to the party; Absol also isn’t a Pokémon to be taken lightly, and he will do just fine in the absence of his partner in this promotional giveaway.

Shiny Absol – 755A1234


The fact that Absol looks like a well-armed cat with some jaunty headgear and the beard of a 70-year-old philosopher is neither here nor there: it’s the perfect Pokémon to solve our hunger for a shiny dark type.

Fighting ghost and psychic-types will be a breeze with Absol, particularly upon learning moves like pursuit at level 20 and bite at level 28. This Pokémon will be particularly useful if you were having trouble with stopping the Unowns from making off with all of the rocks in the shadow Entei battle that featured in last week’s PTD2 update. As with all Pokémon, I recommend training your new-found shiny acquisitions against the guard’s Zubat in Route 32 for some ridiculously quick level grinding (after making sure they cut their teeth on some easy wild battles beforehand, of course); Absol learns Swords Dance, which doubles its attack power every use during battle, making his other moves such as Bite an extremely deadly weapon against any foe.

Shiny Scraggy – headbuty  


He’s not that pretty, and he always looks incredibly startled, but he’s got some moves that will floor the opposition

Low kick, Brick Break, and High Jump Kick are pretty useful fighting moves, particularly since the raising of the soft cap level by the game’s developer Sam Otero (infinite rounds of applause for this man), and the allowance of learning moves whose required level is past that of the soft cap.


Need for Breed

On a closing note, I’d like to inform everyone that I may very well go ahead and decide to do a little Pokémon breeding with the male/female Scraggy I received and put them up for trade in the weeks to come; requests can be entered in the comments section if anyone wishes to get their hands on a newly-hatched offspring of Scraggy, or indeed any of the remaining Pokémon in my previous giveaway.

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