Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Archen and Shiny Starly

Big Happenings in Little Johto

It’s that time of year again, and by year I mean specific denomination of the year known as the week, each passing of which leads to the landing of two highly reflective, new, fast-growing,  shiny (but sometimes shadow) Pokémon on in our Pokécenter for us to send on over to our collection. In this collection of seven days AKA week, these two Pokémon are going to be landing in a literal sense from above  because the PTD2 fan population has spoken and decided that the flying types should be the next to have a twinkle applied to their eye, and indeed all over the rest of them as well. Ancestor of all bird Pokémon Archen was the ultimate winner in this week’s relatively close vote, with Starly being not that far behind and therefore being the consolation prize for us to snap up through the weekly Twitter-based giveaway. It’s been a while since I’ve had myself a quality flying Pokémon, let alone a rock/flying combination, so I think Archen will hit the spot for most people; I guess Starly isn’t all that bad either.

Archen – NU353BB4


Owning Archen is also a simultaneous lesson in the three primary colours.

Receiving 18.21% of the vote this week is the fossil-borne flying machine that is Archen. It’s a dual rock/flying type Pokémon which is highly unusual in itself, but even more notable are its ridiculously high attack, special attack and speed base stats. Its stats are so high in fact, that it had to be given the ‘defeatist’ ability which halves its attack and special attack stats when its HP is at or below its max, just to make things fairer on other Pokémon. Now that’s the kind of player I want on my team. Just be sure to train him up to a level where you won’t even be getting near to halving his HP during battle and everything will be plain sailing (or high flying to be more apt to the given situation).

Ground attacks won’t touch him and Normal/Flying/Poison/Fire/Bug attacks will barely scratch the surface, but he receives 2x the damage from Rock/Water/Electric/Steel/Ice-type moves. His move-set isn’t exactly an impressive read, but he starts with Wing Attack (power of 60) and moves on to Rock Throw, Pluck, Ancientpower, and Acrobatics at level of 28 with a power of 55. It learns two Dragon-type moves in the form of Dragon Breath at level 31 and Dragon Claw at 48 with the more devastating power of 80. Its most powerful attack weighs in at 120 on the power scale, brought to you by Normal-type move Thrash. Whatever his moves may be, it is his stats that tip this Pokémon over the edge of fantastic and into ridonculous territory.


Starly – starlin



Don’t let the vacant stare like that of mass murderer put you off; that’s just its keen eye ability coming into play.

It’s difficult for a dual Normal/Flying type to live up to the epic stats of Archen, not to mention the fact that along with all other bird Pokémon, Starly’s very existence is probably owed to its fossilised ancestor. No Defeatist ability here, though, but rather Keen Eye, which prevents the loss of accuracy in the wake of status-effect attacks that would otherwise lower it. This one has the jump on Archen with its immunity to both Ghost and Normal attacks, resistance to Grass and Bug attacks, and weakness only to Rock, Electric, and Ice-type attacks.

Disappointingly, 7 out of 12 of its move-set is comprised of Normal-type moves, starting with the annoyingly common Quick Attack and moving on to more annoying status moves like Double Team and Whirlwind (effective in the main-series games, not so much in PTD2). Wing Attack (level 9) and Aerial Ace (level 25) are reasonably powerful, both being at 60 on the power scale. The Self-damaging Normal-type move Take Down is learnt at level 29, and Brave Bird is a Flying-type move acquired at level 37 with 120 damage to be dealt here. The exotic Final Gambit is a Fighting-type move learnt at level 41 and makes the opponent faint at the expense of your Pokémon being drained of the number of HP that the opponent had left.

Imminent Epic Update

Before I sign off by simply discontinuing the practice of hitting keys in an appropriate order on the keyboard to assemble sentences and such, I’ll remind everyone that this week’s update to Pokémon is going to be pretty hefty. Along with the mystery gift and giveaway, we are going to be presented with a huge story mode update that will let us go back in time 10 years into the Pokémon past. Sam says there will be access to the Pokécenters and also the chance to enter into more battles. I don’t know about you, but this news has gotten me quite Pokéxcited. That’s right, I just went to Portmanteau-ville; you mad?

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