Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Aron

It’s that time of week again, and thought I am two days late to the Mystery Gift party, I’ve still managed to bring some friends, beer, a top-quality DJ and most importantly, the code for this week’s little beauty of a Pokémon  Aron, in all his shiny glory. After having him for only five minutes or so, he was shooting up the levels like he was holding a lucky egg; I forgot how quickly these shiny Pokémon grow up.

Shiny Aron – X29633B4


Look at the cute little ferrous rock Pokémon!

Being of the steel and rock type, Aron’s defensive capability is second to none, which will only be increased further by the moves Harden (level 4) and Iron Defense (level 18). Headbutt is a formidable attack learnt at level 11, and level 15 brings the lovely steel-type move Metal Claw. Don’t let him go up against any fighting or ground-types, of course, unless you want him to have a substantially faint-heavy time. He’s not a fan of being splashed by water-types either. Poison Pokémon won’t even scratch his solid exterior, though and his resistance to attacks from most other types is extensive. This useful little Pokémon will hopefully satisfy your thirst for a steel Pokémon in the Pokémon Tower Defense 2 world.

Give it Away Now

After lightly flirting with the idea last week, I’ve had a little trawl through my Pokémon and have realised that I do in fact have quite a few creatures that are both spare and shiny for which I didn’t keep the receipt and therefore cannot take back for a refund or store credit. I can’t even part-exchange them, for god’s sake, so I’ll just go ahead and put them up for trade if anyone wants them in their collection. Just leave a comment containing whichever Pokémon you desire from the list below and I will post the code. If you’re worried about getting whatever the Pokémon equivalent of being ‘gazumped’ is, then I can give you the code privately if you’re brave enough to leave your email address.

Please note that it I’m not all that bothered bout which Pokémon I receive in return for the ones listed below, so this is essentially a giveaway and not a like-for-like trade. I’m not about to turn down a cool Pokémon, though, so the occasional tasty offer will be much appreciated.

Pokémon Giveaway (all Pokémon are level 1 unless otherwise stated)

Shiny Aron  x1

Shiny Chimchar x 4

Shiny Karrablast x 5

Shiny Treecko x 4

Shiny Shinx x 3

Shiny Cranidos x 4

Shiny Trapinch x 3

Shiny Jirachi x 2

Shiny Swablu x 4

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17 thoughts on “Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Aron

    1. Craig Sherratt Post author

      I’ve emailed the code to you, Sam! (Sonic 189: Don’t worry, I’ll be emailing you the Trapinch code soon once I’ve put it up for trade!)

  1. GreenApple

    I would like a Shiny Aron, Shiny Chimchar and a Shiny Shinx but you can just choose one to give because I think it won’t be fair for others. PS: I would like Shiny Chimchar the most. Thanks Sam!

      1. GreenApple

        Sorry Sam, it’s Hotmail not Gmail. Thanks Sam! Also can I have the new Sheldon code please. Thanks! :3

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