Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Darumaka and Shiny Torkoal


Introductions & Apologies

Oh dear. Oh very deary dear. Somehow, I’ve managed to drop the proverbial ball on what I strive to make a weekly and prompt Mystery Gift update of the Pokémon Tower Defense 2 persuasion. It appears that my negligence has led to this update being nearly two full calendar days behind schedule (which is roughly two weeks in Pokémon Tower Defense time). My apologetic grovelling are so profuse that I felt the need for this Intro-pology, and now feel the need to get instantly stuck into the good stuff. Allow me to facilitate your acquiring of this week’s shiny Pokémon, and to make up for my outrageous carelessness, I – or more accurately, my Pokémon – will be producing few eggs through breeding encouraged by me in order to produce some Pokémon to put up for trade on a weekly basis! Requests for offspring of each week’s mystery gift Pokémon are therefore welcome.

Shiny Darumaka – m64g14z4



Looks like a balloon experiencing some heavy hallucinations, but you’ve got to love a fire type!

Fire, fire, everywhere, and I’ve just realised that this phrase doesn’t apply to anything other than water. Oh well, after receiving this little beauty, grammatical etiquette and appropriate phrasing are low on my list of concerns; I’ve been levelling up this handy fire fiend to get my hands on moves like Fire Fang, Fire Punch and Flare Blitx. Grass types will be photosynthesising in a constant state of fear in the wake of Darumaka! Steel and Ice types aren’t exactly going to be rejoicing either.

Shiny Torkoal – smokynos


Tortoise meets capsaicin: I told him not to go for the Jalfrezi

I’m rather a fan of the whole double giveaway that Sam has been offering recently, and Torkoal does not disappoint. Even though most of the moves he learns up to level 35 aren’t anything to write home about, you may want to whip out a pen and paper for Flamethrower and Body Slam with powers of 95 and 85 respectively. Don’t forget that shiny Pokémon level up at a crazy pace, as well; grinding for levels is barely even a chore!

No breed to Worry

As usual, my offers still stand in relation to trading my Pokémon away; the list of Pokémon on offer can be found in my post Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Aron. As I type this very sentence I am also nursing a Scraggy x Scraggy egg to hatching, and will soon be doing the same with Absol. Requests for these Pokémon are welcome; I’m not after any special Pokémon, simply consider this a giveaway. Until next time, my compatriots!

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