Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’ – Shiny Duskull


It’s About Time

It’s that time of week again, and by again, I really mean for the first time ever, since I’ve just decided to publish the mystery gift code on a weekly basis for the benefit of anyone who is willing to read the following words. Now, I know that there are many ways to obtain it such as simply getting your Google on and wading through one of the many results you will find, but this is simply to make it more convenient to any fans that would have been browsing here anyway. Now you don’t even have to go the extra mile to find it! Hell, you don’t even have to muster up the strength to go the extra five meters, since it will be here, staring you in the face in all its mixed alphabetical and numerical glory. Who really has the time to actually get involved in the elaborate hunt for the code every week anyway? Quite a few people, apparently, so this is aimed at the Pokémon Tower Defense fan who doesn’t have such time, or who hates hunting for something that they can easily find online.

Shiny DuskullK8983T34


Aw, isn’t he cute? You know, apart from that Terminator look in his eye.

You have got to love Ghost Pokémon: Immune to almost all normal and fighting-type attacks, a formidable force against their own type as well as psychic, and more importantly, a great alternative to the common Gastly who has been freely available for capture for quite some time. Starting with Night Shade and Leer, Duskull will make a great addition to your team and will go on to learn some lovely moves such as Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak and Pursuit thanks to the imminent raising of the soft cap level to a mighty 25 (thanks Sam!).


Insider Trading

For anyone who may have been unlucky enough to miss the deadline for the week’s active gift code, it is more than likely that I will have one or two of the Pokémon from each week spare, sitting comfortably in my Pokéstorage and gathering virtual dust, getting more and more lonely by the day in the hope that someone – anyone – will pick them up and give them a new home. Since I lie to pretend that I’m far too busy to be training each of my Pokémon up from their level 1 infancy to adulthood, I think it is time I started putting these ‘swapsies’ (as I used to call them in my trading card days) to good use.

My purpose isn’t to gloat about all these spare shiny Pokémon I have laying around as trophies, however, and it would be rude of me not to offer up said Pokémon on a plate for anyone that wants them (the plate is figurative, so don’t take it literally and think you have to eat the Pokémon; that’s just cruel). From this moment forward, I will be reading the comments and paying attention to anyone wishing to trade their Pokémon for mine (it doesn’t have to be a particularly good one; I’m not one for shameless, naked profiteering). As it stands, I have a few Duskulls and will be putting up a list of the ones I’ve had sitting on the flash-based shelf very shortly.

Get your trades on, people! I’m still living in hope and anticipation for that first comment to appear on my blog.

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