Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Ralts and Shiny Solosis


The generosity of Mr Sam Otero knows no bounds; he creates a wildly-successful tower defense game that wears a Pokémon skin, and after all the dust settled with that he went and bettered himself in the creation of a superior sequel that keeps thousands of fans coming back or more and more.  The fact that this generosity manifests on a weekly basis in the form of a fan-voted, Shiny Pokémon giveaway makes Sam Otero a credit to the profession of games development, but the ante has been upped even further recently with the inclusion of an additional weekly creature, bringing the total up to a sensational two Pokémon. Since the game is going to be relatively light on story mode updates, the Mystery Gift giveaway is currently forming the basis of my PTD2 funsies, and last week’s Fire-type giveaway was quite the tasty dish, with Darumaka being the main event and a little Torkoal for dessert, even though I already felt a little full. This week, he have some shiny psychic greatness upon us, and yet again, it’s a two-course luncheon for us to get our taste-buds around.

Shiny Ralts – FE71B264



There are definitely eyes under that unusual green helmet, and those horns are even more unusual than its name

I rate Psychic-type Pokémon rather highly, since Espeon was pretty much the backbone of my team in Pokémon Black Version 2, and Alakazam dominated my original team back in the days where Game Boys didn’t even offer us the full spectrum of colour. Though many of the moves Ralts will learn are status-type moves, some are quite hefty in the power department, with Grass-type move Magical Leaf surfacing at level 21 and Psychic-type Psychic (obviously) popping up at level 32 with a power of 90. There’s a reason why Ralts received 61% of the vote after just 3 days.

Shiny Solosis – Cellular



One of the more outlandish-looking Pokémon out there, looking like an extremely unusual apricot or an oddly-styled developing cell

Solosis is another great Psychic-type Pokémon, learning Psyshock at level 25 and the hard-hitting Future Sight at level 31. With Sam concentrating on the gradual increase of the soft cap level to the ultimate goal of 100, Pokémon within the game will be able to learn more moves than ever before, and Solosis will benefit from learning Psychic at level 37. Fighting and Poison Pokémon will crumble at the feet of these two Pokémon, but Bug, Ghost, and Dark Pokémon will have the upper hand in any battle.

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