Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Rotom and Shiny Plusle/Minun

Electric Avenue

Having been much less on the ball than usual recently, I managed to let the first 500 people grab last week’s Shiny Solosis, resulting in a significant Pokémon-related fail on my part, and we all know that this is pretty much the worst kind of fail imaginable. I’ll go ahead and admit that I must have been off the ball entirely to let this blunder occur, and will have to pay reparations by being swift on the uptake with next week’s glistening creatures. Last week’s psychic Pokémon (and I mean this in the singular form in my case) brought a moderate smile to my face, since the last psychic-type I grabbed as a mystery gift was Jirachi, who is now an integral part of my team with his deadliness matched only by his versatility. The next giveaway is all about the voltage with Shiny Rotom and Shiny Plusle/Minun forming the mystery gift giveaway. The presence of these supercharged critters will make the fisherman battle that was recently introduced in the last update considerably easier to beat, meaning you will be able to get hold of the good rod with ease.

Shiny Rotom – PTOC58C4



It looks like a hallucinating lawnmower with a competent dentist, but it packs a punch

This Pokémon is a peculiar one since in the main series of games it has the ability to change between a variety of forms, all of which are primarily electric-type Pokémon whose secondary type changes with their different forms. Its normal form is electric/ghost type and is immune to normal, fighting and ground-type moves and particularly resistant to electric, flying, poison, bug, and steel –type attacks, making it a remarkably useful addition to your team. Thunder Wave is a useful status-type move that can paralyse your enemy, with Shockwave and Ominous Wind being excellent electric and ghost-type moves respectively. With the ability to learn moves beyond the soft cap level within the game, level 43 will bring you Electro Ball whose damage increases according to the relative difference between the speed stats of you and your opponent; opponents that possess less than 25% of your speed stat will be hit with 150 damage, which by all accounts is devastating.



Plusle/Minun – batterys



These cute little shockers look like a Pokémon-based reincarnation of Duracell batteries, making them last twice as long as the leading brand.

Also being of the electric type, these two cheerful bundles of potential electrical energy have less type resistances than Normal Rotom, making them considerably weaker in battle and less versatile overall. The two have minor differences in stats, with Plusle enjoying a slight advantage over Minun in terms of attack stat. Both also have very similar move-sets, the differences between which are negligible in terms of their use in Pokémon Tower Defense. They both learn Thunder Wave and Spark pretty early on, but you’ll have to wait for level 42 for the mighty Thunder, and I’m pretty sure most people will get bored of them long before they reach this stage of biological maturity. These Pokémon are more likely to sit in your collection as a novelty find rather than being used as Pokémon around which you can base your team; they simply aren’t powerful enough nor do they possess any significantly powerful/helpful moves that make them stand out. That said, they’ll still be a pretty useful electric-type ace up the sleeve against in the fisherman battle.

Electric Feel

That’s it for this week’s Mystery Gift; requests for Pokémon are still being taken since I still have a significant number of shiny creatures left to trade just sitting there in my Pokéstorage. The list of the Pokémon in my possession that are eager to get out of storage to stretch their legs can be found here. Considering the electrical theme of this week’s giveaway, I think I deserve some sort of congratulations on the relatively small number of electrical puns in this post. I think that I have demonstrated immense literary restraint in my efforts to avoid stooping into easy, obvious, and borderline vomit-inducing witticisms about the flow of electric charge. I’ll more than likely make up for it in future posts, however.

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