Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny (Shadow) Buizel and Shiny Feebas

Turbulent Times

It’s been a hectic week in the world of Pokémon Tower Defense; not so much on the gameplay front, but rather on the development side of things. There have been a few hitches with the server resulting in some downtime, responsive server maintenance, some errors, and some prolonged inaccessibility to the game. Thankfully, Sam has been working furiously and it is once again good in the proverbial hood. I am again a little late on the draw with the mystery gift update but such is the busy lives we all lead, and the main thing is we’re all still alive and we all (hopefully) still have our beloved Pokémon in fighting fit condition. The currently active mystery gift this week consists of some bright and shiny as well as something a little bit darker, with the sparkly culprit being the visually-unfortunate Feebas and the comparatively cute-looking Buizel hailing from an altogether darker neck of the woods. We’ve had enough shiny folk in the past so it can be nice to receive something a little more sinister and clouded with a slightly purple hue, particularly when we were all still expected a run-of-the-mill shiny. Read on for more words (and Pokémon).

(Sneaky) Shadow Buizel – 4YZ52574


Even water weasels like to bang out a few one-armed push-ups every

I love a good water type. Often underrated but always versatile, water Pokémon may be weak to electric and grass attacks but they are wildly resilient and resistant to steel, fire ice, and water-type moves. Feebas in particular learns all the classic water-type moves such as water gun at level 6, Aqua Jet at 21, and the mighty Aqua Tail as it approaches the ripe old age of 55. Razor wind (level 45) can also be quite a handy normal-type move as well if you fancy a change from water-based attacks. Sadly, there are no notable moves of insane power or differing type: it’s pretty much water all the way with a few normal and one Psychic status move (Agility, level 28). Oh well, it’s better than the comparatively impotent Feebas.



 Shiny Feebas – prtyugly



There already wasn’t very much going for the lowly Feebas, but on top of this, the Pokémon developers had to make him look like Magikarp’s depressed older brother.

Poor Feebaas: offensive to the eyes, depressing to the ears, and altogether just a little bit of a sorry state of affairs in the moves department. In his unevolved state, he can initially only use the useless Splash, and goes on to learn the unimpressive Tackle manoeuvre, and finally Flail at level 30. This is a distinctly unimpressive, and pretty much useless. It seems the best thing to do with this regrettable specimen devoid of all hope and power is to keep hold of it at its low-level state and hope that Sam introduces a Prism Scale into the game so that we can evolve poor Feebas into the more fearsome and drastically more useful Milotic.

End of Sports

That’s it for this giveaway, but the polls indicate that we’re having a fighting-type Pokémon giveaway next week. Now that is a cause for celebration, particularly after this whole Feebas ridiculousness.

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