Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Spheal


Don’t you Spheal Good?

It’s a proven fact that everyone loves free stuff, but what makes this free stuff even better is if said stuff is shiny. Sure, finding a shiny coin on the floor can make a good day better, and I remember a time where receiving complimentary shiny Pokémon cards as part of the Pokémon movie experience even floated my Royal Unova, but these are moderate-level gains at best. It is my pleasure therefore to give you this week’s code for the spherical seal creature of astronomical cuteness that is Spheal (ahh, I see what they did there), that sparkles with the intensity of a thousand stars (as well as already glistening from the water that he resides in).

Shiny Spheal – 8355s2b4


Ever tried to inflate a seal? Spheal is the result, and looks to be the product of a balloon being inflated with pure, gaseous adorableness.

Spheal is an Ice and Water-type Pokémon that comes instantly equipped with Water Gun and Powder snow and will go on to learn some other powerful moves like body slam, ice ball and aurora beam. Spheal being the mystery gift this week couldn’t come at a better time since Sam’s most recent update has us squaring up to a shadow Entei, who is of the fire variety of Pokémon and therefore particularly vulnerable to Spheal’s water gun. If you don’t already have a water Pokémon to douse Entei’s flames, make sure you invest your time into training and levelling up Spheal. Remember: shiny Pokémon shoot up the levels at a frightening pace compared to regular Pokémon, so it won’t be long before Spheal is mature enough to take on the likes of Entei and the Unown that are loitering (probably illegally) in the Ruins of Alph. Remember, you can gain a substantial quantity of experience points from battling the guard in Route 32.

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