Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of ‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny Timburr and Shiny Mienfoo

Fighting Fit

I know that I effectively declared my undying love for Water Pokémon last week, but type-loyalty can be a shallow affair and Pokémon brings out the fickle nature in me, particularly when considering that this week’s giveaway comprises of pure, unadulterated fighting types. Aside from the fact that most fighting types simply look cool (you can’t beat a bit of Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee), they also tend to have some pretty fearsome attack stats and also go on to learn some extremely powerful moves of 80+ power, plus a few with the occasional chance of paralysing the foe. Timburr has unsurprisingly been voted the main event in terms of spoils for the mystery gift this week, with Mienfoo being the runner-up and therefore the secondary giveaway! Instead of watching Sam’s Twitter page like a social networking junkie that shoots Facebook directly into their eyeballs, why not saunter casually in the direction of this page to receive all the codes you need?

Timburr – d63347c4


This Pokémon looks way too pleased to be holding that piece of timber. It’s as if he’s about to do something very devious with it; just look at those mischievous eyes!

I very much enjoy the fact that fighting types are strong against Normal, Ice, Steel, Dark and Rock Pokémon, laying them to waste with a few simple fighting-type moves, but watch out for flying and psychic attacks, which will ensure that Timburr is the one that is lain to waste. In terms of moves, Timburr is as much of a beast as any fighting type, with most of the damage-dealing moves having a power that is a minimum of 50. Level 12 is the time for Low Kick, which deals damage that is proportional to the target’s weight. Level 16 brings the Rock Throw and level 31 Rock Slide, and Stone Edge at level 43 , all of which are obviously of the Rock type and therefore a bit of an ace up the sleeve. The main bulk of power comes from the devastating fighting moves such as Dynamic Punch at level 34 and Hammer Arm at level 40 (both having a respectable 100 power rating); level 46 is where the action is, however, where you learn Focus Punch with a power of 150. The moveset of this Pokémon may be limited in terms of type, but the sheer amount of powerful moves there cannot be a bad thing.

 Mienfoo – weaselfo


Neo? Is that you? You think that’s air you’re breathing now?


If Timburr is the powerhouse of the week, then Mienfoo is a seismic force that is equally as useful, with its moveset being slightly less impressive in terms of power, but on the variety front, Mienfoo takes the trophy. It has two Psychic-type status moves in the form of Meditate and Calm Mind, and even a cheeky bug-type move thrown in the mix in the form of U-Turn at level 41. The real bulk of its fighting moves begin to surface at level 29 with the paralysis-inducing Force Palm, as well as the health-replenishing Drain Punch at level 33, and Jump Kick at level 37. There’s even the exotic flying-type move Bounce to be learned at level 49, which will be extremely effective against other fighting types. The move with the most power if Hi-Jump Kick, with a power of 130; this is learned at level 53. Aura Sphere is also one of my favourite moves, though it is the last to be learned by Mienfoo at the eleventh hour of level 61. Even though Mienfoo lacks the power and some of the moves of Timburr, he more than makes up for it with his variety of moves and his matrix-style, agent-provoking stance.

That’s enough mystery for this week

Ok, so you’ve noticed that the codes aren’t out yet, and for that, I applaud you with fervent sarcasm, but come the day of Monday they shall be released and indeed will be gracing this article, with each code laying just above the picture of each Pokémon. I think we can all agree that Fighting owns Water in a battle of the types, and even if we can’t, I’m still inclined to think that I am correct since that is pretty much how opinions work. For those that may have missed out on giveaways of previous weeks, simply shout a request in the comments section and I may very well be able to give you some of these Pokémon via trade.

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