Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Taking the Mystery out of the‘Mystery Gift’: Shiny/Shadow Celebi

Quincy’s Dead?

These are turbulent times that we live through in the sad old year of 2013: unpredictable weather, financial meltdown on an international scale, and worst of all, we have been without an update in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 this week. I’ve been keeping abreast of Sam Otero’s twitter as I’m sure most of you have been, so most of us know about the technical difficulties involving Sam’s computer hardware, causing an absence of new content this week. It’s no big deal; these things happen, and in the context having to ring in the new year with Quincy M.E no longer with us, it’s a pretty minor problem to be facing. By way of reparation for the technical hitches and resulting lack of update this week, Sam is going to be releasing an ad-hoc mystery gift, which is said to be out by Monday the 20th. The mystery Pokémon in question is Celebi, a Psychic/Grass type combination that is bound to bring some shine to an otherwise gloomy 2013.

Celebi – Q9A13R44


Some unusual shapes going on with this one, and some distinctly European-grade eyebrows

Carrying on from the primarily grass-type Pokémon of last week’s giveaway, Celebi is a dual Psychic/Grass type, whose psychic inclusion makes him/her a significantly more useful Pokémon than Tropius or Ferroseed. Even its starting moves make for some interesting reading, with the psychic move ‘Confusion’ dealing 50 damage from the get-go, and the HP/Status-recovering moves Leech Seed, Recover, and Heal Bell already making Celebi a self-sufficient and formidable part of anyone’s Pokémon team. Grass-type move Magical Leaf appears at level 19, and rock-type Ancientpower at level 28. Most moves from thereon in are non-damaging, but future sight still has 100 power and Leaf Storm a mighty 140 in power, not to mention the deadly-for-all Perish song finally at level 91.

As a dual-type Psychic and Grass Pokémon, Celebi is particularly vulnerable to bug Pokémon, receiving 4x damage from them; Flying, Poison, Ice, Dark, Ghost, and Fire Pokémon will also wreak quite a bit of havoc on Celebi’s HP. It is particularly resistant to its own native types, though, so Psychic and Grass Pokémon won’t pose too much of a problem here. It is also resistant to ground, fighting, water, and electric-type Pokémon, receiving .5 damage from attacks of these types.

A Welcome Addition

Let’s be honest, we’re pretty lucky to be getting the chance to get our hands on yet another brilliant grass-type Pokémon, courtesy of the ever-impressive Sam Otero, purely because of a little technical hitch that in reality hasn’t really affected our lives all that much at all. The code for Celebi has been promised to be out by Monday 20th May, and I will be making sure it appears in the caption above the picture as soon as it does so. I’m sure everyone will be jumping at the chance to snap up this bonus Psychic/grass type to add to their ever-growing collection of shiny/shadow Pokémon. Just remember that no matter how dark the year 2013 gets, we will always (or almost always) have next week’s mystery gift to look forward to.

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