Pokémon X and Y: The Glory of the (lack of) Story, Character Exploration, and Location Scouting

 Pokénlightenment (See what I did there?)

If any Pokémon fan says that they are handling the wait for October’s release of Pokémon X and Y with grace and dignity, then they are almost certainly not being entirely truthful. Having enjoyed immensely the re-working of the fifth generation of Pokémon that Pokémon Black and White Version 2 brought to our DS/3Ds’s (albeit in 2D form) screens, I have just about managed to keep my curiosity and eagerness to experience generation six squashed firmly into the most cobweb-ridden parts of my brain. All this hype about new Pokémon, a rumoured fairly type, and the fact that October is literally 1 centimeter away from May as it looks on my  year-view calendar have dredged up these once-compacted feelings in my brain and have resulted in a resurgence of anticipation that borders on hysteria about the prospective features of Pokémon X and Y. Having written articles on the starters & legendary Pokémon as well as one concerning a few other small-game creatures, what’s left to discuss but the storyline, new region, and characters? Read on for mild enlightenment.

No Story, New Region

Pokémon isn’t exactly known for complexity and depth in its storylines: the usual procedure is the catching and training of Pokémon to reach the elite four and champion whilst battling against an interfering adversary with opposing ideals in a good vs. evil story that runs in parallel to the main course of events. Unfortunately, we know very little about the story, simply because Nintendo/Game Freak haven’t spilled the metaphorical beans about it. Instead, they have met us in the middle by revealing the new region instead, as well as the region’s main city that we have seen depicted in the screenshots of the game.

The Kalos Region




Again, not too much information has trickled out of the official tap about the region, but as you can see, it possesses an unusual star-like shape. It looks to have a considerable bit of greenery covering the land as well as some notable areas of interest scattered about its star-like points. The circular formation that sits just above the centre of the region looks to be it’s central capital, Lumiose City.


Lumiose City


Described as a bustling metropolis of commercial prosperity at the centre of the Kalos region, Lumiose City has an iconic central tower, the significance of which isn’t yet clear.

may_p4_2 may_p4_3

The Characters

While there isn’t all that much to say about the characters in terms of back-story or their significance in the grand scheme of Pokémon, there’s been a few pictures and delicious snippets of info about the features that these characters will have.

Male Character Female Character

Here are your characters as they will appear in the game dependant on which gender you select. You can also select from one of three skin complexions for each gender.

Mirror Boy Mirror Girl

For the first time in Pokémon history you will now be able to acquire a variety of outfits and accessories for your trainer throughout your adventure. You will be able to swap out and select different looks as you collect the necessary outfits/accessories and your character will appear this way when exploring the region, taking full advantage of the three dimensions

Wait and Repeat

Aside from speculation and conjecture, there isn’t anything else to really cover in terms of future features of the fervently awaited sequel but for more information released by the gods of Pokémon themselves, Nintendo and Gamefreak. I suggest you mull over this information and simply try to keep from having a full-blown anticipatory meltdown until October. Good luck: I’ve already had three.





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