Pokémon X and Y Update – Further Pokémon and Fairy Type?

Please Gamefreak, Can I Have Some More?

While it may be that information about the two legendaries and the three starting Pokémon have hit the spot, I would barely consider it a substantial enough starter when compared to the X and Y-shaped void in my stomach (and heart), so the Official Site gave us a few more scraps for us Pokémon vultures to circle around and fight over. Aside from the obvious eagerness for the unveiling of new Pokémon and their different forms, there’s nothing a fan like me loves more than hearing about new moves that are going to enter into the Pokémon repertoire, so here’s to making two Wingulls faint with one stone (poor attempt at Pokéfication of the phrase, I know) by listing some other interesting new Pokémon and a few new moves that they will also possess.




Is this Mewthree I see? Well, not officially according to the official website, with all their limited official information and small number of authorized facts about the game that are whispered to us in text form with one officially cupped hand closing the gap between Nintendo and our very own ears. We all know that this Pokémon is related to Mewtwo because, well, it basically is Mewtwo but with a few aesthetic changes; it is almost certainly just Mewtwo’s oft-mentioned secondary form.  We all know that the Mew and Mewtwo gene pool is fairly cloudy at best, so perhaps this secondary form of Mewtwo (it has to be called Mewthree now) will uncover new information about the genetic side of Pokémon or maybe drag up some evolutionary game-changer in terms of the history of Pokémon evolution.



It’s been a Pokémon age since we’ve had a new Eeveelution (I’m not sure if I agree with this portmanteau but the Pokéworld is full of them so I guess I’ll just have to get used to it), and Sylveon is the debutant new final form that the cute-as-a-button Eevee will take.

Not only does this Pokémon throw up questions as to whether there will be more Eeveelutions in Pokémon X and Y, but the fact that its type (as well as the type of all other Pokémon that have been officially unveiled) is shrouded in mystery and represented merely by question marks surely has to indicate that new Pokémon type is on the horizon. Each Eeveelution is of a unique Pokémon type, and it doesn’t appear to fit into any of the other types (normal would be incredibly mundane, and physic is already taken by Espeon), so the chances and hopes are that it’s going to be of a brand new type of Pokémon. The Fairy type has been the focal point of rumours flying around the internet, and because this information apparently came from the often-reliable Hiro (Pokexperto), it is said to be fairly likely that it is true (though I don’t think that I would bet any serious money on information that comes from someone with the pseudonym of Pokexperto).


Said to charge itself by absorbing light energy from the sun (maybe he’s from Krypton), Helioptile apparently doesn’t need to eat.

Helioptile-Pokemon-X-and-YHelioptile move

New move: Parabolic Charge – This heals the user by acquiring half of the HP damage inflicted on an enemy


This fire/flying type is said to be popular amongst Pokémon trainers due to some of the ferocious fire moves it will go on to learn.

Fletchling-Pokemon-X-and-YFletchling move


We know that Fletchling will be able to learn flame charge and though this move will likely be old news to Pokémon fans, it is powerful nonetheless. I suppose we’ll have to wait for October for some new fire-type moves to be released, if any.


The leaf in its mouth is apparently a trademark of this Pokémon, and its intensive stare is supposed to be a usually-unsuccessful attempt at intimidating enemies; it’ll take more than a mean stare to take down the Elite Four, Pancham.

Pancham-Pokemon-X-and-Ypancham move


New Move: Parting Shot – This move lowers the attack and special attack stat of the target before immediately switching the user out for another Pokémon in your party.


A goat, Gamefreak? Seriously? Well, we’ve had much worse conceptions in the past such as the 99 ice cream with a flake that is Vanillice/Vanilluxe, so a glorified goat can’t much worse in all fairness. The useless blurb about the Pokémon says that it is tall enough for people to ride on, and grabbing its horns allows its trainer to form a stronger bond with the Pokémon. How about giving it a better name first, huh? It never had a chance.

Gogoat-Pokemon-X-and-YGogoat move

No new moves to speak of in conjunction with this or any Pokémon, unfortunately, but he can learn HP-replenishing Horn Leach (essentially the physical equivalent of Giga Drain), and as you can see in the picture, you can actually use him as a mode of transport.

Time Will Tell

There you have it: the rest of the confirmed Pokémon for X and Y in written and pictorial form.  I know it isn’t all that much information in the scheme of things, as for most fans, only having the two games in their hands will satisfy their curiosity, but it is better than a low kick to the particulars, right? Though it is usually best to put your belief only in the officially-confirmed information that is released, it would be nice to think that there is a new type on the horizon, and whether you land on the sceptical or supportive side, the rumoured Fairy type would indeed shake things up a little. If not fairy, then where can the game go? Magic type? Light type? I’ll leave this up to the developers who actually know what they’re doing, and in the meantime I will bask in the light of this (relatively) new information and know that October is but five months away. Five. Long. Months.





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