Pokémon X and Y Update: Starter Pokémon and Legendaries

Pokémon X and Y Update: New Pokémon

Feast of Pokémon Knowledge

While the release of X and Y is more over the hill and far away than simply ‘around the corner’ (October never seemed so far away), we are always teased and tantalised with information about the highly anticipated sequel, the hunger for which cannot be satiated with hobby, pastime, work, or food, or even Pokémon Tower Defense 2. That’s right, even the weekly mystery gift giveaway isn’t enough to take my mind off the first 3D Pokémon adventure, but officially-released information about and screenshots of said adventure may just quash the hunger pangs for a few more minutes at least. Instead of issuing you with all of the information that has been officially released so far, I thought it best to break the feast of knowledge up into courses. I consider this to be the starter or entree, since there is nothing more important in the Pokémon world than the Pokémon themselves. Dinner is served.

A Starter of Starters

Each of the Pokémon adventures begins with the classic choice between three elemental starters, after which your rival conveniently picks the type against which your Pokémon is weakest. It’s as if you were meant to encounter each other on a regular basis and battle your Pokémon to test your relative progress as trainers or something. Anyway, the three new starters are as ever of the Fire, Water, and Grass type, since these three types have always represented the perfect triangle of type effectiveness that forces you to build a varied Pokémon team around your starter in order to flourish into a formidable Pokémon trainer. Here are the three starters:


Chespin-Pokemon-X-and-Y Chespin-Marisson-Igamaro2

Grass-Type Chespin apparently has a hard shell protecting its head and back, and in spite of its supposedly curious nature that tends to lead it into trouble, it has an optimistic outlook and doesn’t dwell on the small details (though I often dwell on the trivial nature of this information).




Quite blatantly the fire-type of the starters, this one (as you can see from the picture) has fire emanating from her ears. The fact that it allegedly likes to snack on twigs rings alarm bells for the Pokémon’s IQ, but in spite of its temperamental nature, it only ever tries its best to please its trainer.




With a name like that, there was no way that it wasn’t going to be a frog-like creature, let’s be honest. It is supposed to be light and strong, with protective bubbles on its back and its chest for protection. Said to appear absent minded, Froakie is actually extremely astute and has a superior awareness of its surroundings at all times (it’s like they make this stuff up, it really is).


It’s going to be Legen – wait for it – Dary (Legendary Pokémon)

No Pokémon title could hold its head up high in their next annual meeting without containing some legendary creatures of heightened importance to the storyline. Pokémon X and Y will be no exception to this trend, but this time around it’s even more exciting since the legendary creatures – which are often fairly complex, spectacular, and bordering on beautiful in their design – are going to be in nothing less than three dimensions.




You’d be lying to yourself if you said that you weren’t at least intrigued by the multi-coloured antler-like protrusions from its head. Sadly, information about these legendaries is scare at best, so what do we know? It height is 9’10” and it weighs 474 lbs; that’s it.



It seems that the less information we have, the more questions we are likely to ask about the potential creatures in Pokémon X and Y but conversely, release of information also leads to more intensive questioning and speculation, so developers and fans are usually locked in a sequel-based stalemate. Anticipation for legendaries is always the fiercest of all, but it will simply have to grow until the game’s release since we only know that his one is 19 feet tall and weighs 447.5 lbs (obviously Yveltal stuck to the diet that Xerneas failed to follow).

It Doesn’t End Here

These Pokémon are just a few of the creatures that have been officially released so far, and while they are spectacular (particularly the legendaries), I can’t help but still feel remarkably hungry for more. Thankfully for my ravenous Pokémon appetite, there are a few more creatures and even a few new moves that have been announced; these can be read about in my other X and Y Update article.

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