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Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Story mode: The Return of Mewthree, Hopeful Victory, and the Clear dangers of Cloning

Leave of Absence

It hasn’t exactly been the smallest amount of time since I’ve graced (or burdened) the blog with some useful words of Pokéwisdom, but in my defense, there hasn’t really been all much going on in the updates department aside from the eternally-shining star in the middle of an otherwise darkened sky devoid of hope and beauty that is the mystery gift giveaway. The last update we had was heftier than some in recent months, allowing us to battle against a new policeman/guard and also to give any electric Pokémon you may have a good workout. This week‘s update involves a battle that has more heft than any updates we’ve seen in a while in terms of storyline development and general entertainment value. To get stuck into this recently-updated slice of Pokémon glory, we must pick up from where we parted ways previously, which should be in the vicinity of the fisherman.

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