Pokedex for iOS App Review for iPhone, iPad

Pokedex for iOS App Game

There comes a time in every Pokémon fan’s life when they have to ask themselves “is Pokémon the only available outlet for return-based catch-and-battle epic RPG adventures?” By ‘every Pokémon fan’ I of course mean me, since it is unlikely that devotees to the pocket monsters franchise have ever felt the need for an Pokémon substitute, and if they did, they would probably consider themselves defectors and equate their decision to turning their back on their beloved games to Anakin Skywalker’s decision to turn to the dark side. For those with more open minds, or indeed for those who have become a little disillusioned with the Pokémon franchise over the years (die-hard traditionalists/Pokémon purists do exist; I call them the original 151-ers), Mighty Monsters has got you covered. A brilliantly constructed RPG adventure title for the mobile gaming market, Mighty Monsters takes the turn-based battling mechanic of Pokémon and gives it a whole new (and copyright-sound) context, and a whole lot of unique creatures while they’re at it. 

Pokedex for iOS App Game: Visuals Pokedex for iOS App Game: Screenshot

Review is Pending

We are in the middle of testing this app and will be delivering our review shortly, please subscribe to our Facebook Page to keep up to date with our latest reviews and pokemon news.

Android or Windows Phone Version?

There has been no anouncement as of yet with regards to an Android or Windows Phone version of Mighty Monsters Game. As soon as we here anything we will update those users here.

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