Free Pokemon Game

Pokemons are on the attack, what will you do?

When pokemon's attack your base there is only one thing to do - deploy more pokemon's to conteract their encroachment onto your turf in this free pokemon game by Sam and Dan.

As the enemey pokemon's come across your pathways you must attack them with six pokemon's that you deploy in specific positions at the start of each level. You can increase your variety of pokemon creatures available by capturing them as the game progresses.

Overtime pokemon's can evolve and become more powerful. You can choose up to four different attacks for each one. Unlike many other tower defense games where you simply earn cash from defeating enemies and then you can choose to upgrade whichever towers you wish, pokemon creatures only gain experience and upgrades by defeating other pokemon's. So if you have to deploy a pokemon in a position where they can never attack and kill any other pokemon's, that particular one will never gain experience to become more powerful. This point therefore needs to be considered when deciding which pokemon's and where to deploy them at the start of each level.

You can find the latest game above so why not check it out now!? You can also take a look at information on the up and coming second game - Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Johto's Shadow.

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