PTD 2 Walkthrough: 1 vs 1 Mode: Levels 7, & 8

Level 7

Unfortunately, the only reward for completing level 6 is the sixth Rare Candy, so I recommend you buy this and all the Potions that you can afford with the money you have. Brock is a notorious trainer of rock-type Pokémon, and guess who is super-effective against these? That’s right, Butterfree is once again the saviour of your quest, and you will find this next battle extremely difficult if you do not possess him. Brock has a Geodude and an Onix, which doesn’t sound like a formidable collection, but as you found out with the two Geodudes in level 6, rock-type Pokémon are tough and usually result in a long and drawn-out battle in which your Pokémon take a battering on all fronts. At this stage, I recommend as a minimum that you have Butterfree, Pikachu and Geodude in your collection, with any other Pokémon being only supplementary in this battle; such is their ineffectiveness against rock-type Pokémon.

To begin battle proceedings, Brock sends out Geodude as his first contender. As is tradition, send out Butterfree as your first Pokémon and instantly use the Rare Candy 6 on him in order to raise his level by one. Rotate through all of your moves, ensuring Confusion and harden are included in this. You will likely take a significant amount of damage from Geodude and will need to use a Potion to heal; simply continue as before until Geodude can no longer stand the heat from the metaphorical kitchen.

Brock’s next Pokémon is an Onix which is at a face-shattering level 13, proving extremely difficult to beat, even with the devastating ‘Confusion’ attack from Butterfree. If you have stocked up on enough potions, you should be able to just about get through this battle before Brock defeats you and reduces all the effort that you have put into battling thus far to little more than shameful nothingness;  failing that, you may be experiencing a shattered feeling of deflated hopelessness  that only the failure to win a Pokémon battle can give you,  knowing that you have wasted your time and your (albeit imaginary) money. If your Butterfree is still standing, then continue as instructed above. If/when Butterfree does faint, you have no choice but to use the remaining Pokémon. Pikachu can be used by yet again cycling through his attacks and causing as much damage and upset as possible before he faints. When he does so, send out Geodude whose attacks are not remarkably effective, but the Defence Curl proves an invaluable tool to prolong your life until you are able to wear Onix’s health down to depletion.

In the event that your battle just happened to go swimmingly and without too many hitches, then you can stand proud and in the knowledge that you have beaten Brock, your first gym leader opponent and a very difficult one at that. I won’t bother with commiserations for those who failed since you did so because you either didn’t take my advice about purchasing Caterpie and subsequently levelling him up and nurturing him into a fearless, flying fight machine or you didn’t take my other gem of wisdom about purchasing potions in case your Pokémon should falter and fail you in the health department. To the successor of the level 7 battle come the spoils in the form of Rare Candy 7 and one of the starting Pokémon of the much-missed Pokémon red/blue versions (1st generation Gameboy for life),  a leafy, budding Bulbasoar!

pokemon tower defense 2 earn your own virtual badge by defeating brock

Figure 11: Brock o'clock

pokemon tower defense 2 earn 100 coins

Figure 12: Brock beaten

[Note that Geodude is useless in the next battle since you will be facing a variety of Pokémon that rock-types just simply don’t get along with. I suggest you discard him from your team in favour of young Bulbasoar, who proves to be moderately effective this battle]

Level 8

Your next opponent is Youngster 2.0 who appears to be an exact copy of you, but suffixed with a 2.0 indicating that he may be an improved model. He is in possession of a significantly difficult-to-defeat Pokémon team that encompasses a variety of types, high levels and a frustrating tendency to be recalled by Youngster 2.0 and brought back into play later on in the battle, usually at the point where you are convinced that you have won and have one Pokémon left possessing very little health and definitely no potions remaining.

Since beating Brock has for some reason increased the generosity of Professor Oak by an astronomical amount and has led to him dishing out one hundred coins as payment for your victory, you can now afford to splash our a little on some new merchandise. Firstly, purchase the newest (and for now the last) Rare Candy so that you can watch Butterfree grow up just that little bit more (she’ll be learning her first words soon) in the next battle. Also, I’ll be quite shocked if you haven’t already let the warm nostalgia of the original Pokémon games wash over you, compelling you to spend a measly ten Poképounds on your newly-unlocked Bulbasoar; make sure you do this because it is a useful Pokémon to have from now on.With the rest of your money, purchase all the potions you can afford and squeeze into your stylish battle-supplies satchel (you can carry a maximum of six at a time. If you still have any spare cash, then I suggest you also purchase some Oran berries, which are about half as effective as potions but you can carry a further six of these items into battle with you and effectively double your chances of success.

The Pokémon you face in level 8 are Pidgey, Butterfree, Ekans, Rattata, Pikachu and Bulbasoar. Sadly, I cannot guarantee in which order these Pokémon will actually show up because during my particular battle, Pikachu was recalled and used at the very last minute which almost led to my downfall and a disproportionate reaction of frustration (often the nearest expensive item being thrown an average distance across the room at an accelerated pace). This battle is extremely hard if you do not possess Butterfree and so I cannot guarantee your safety or success if you have failed to listen to my ongoing advice. Oh, and did I mention about Potions? Buy lots of potions: buy ALL the potions (to within the limit set by the game, that is; I was simply exaggerating for both dramatic effect and emphasis).

Since I cannot tell you in which order you are likely to face your opponent Pokémon, I obviously cannot provide a step-by-step guide on how to run circles around Youngster 2.0. My suggestion is that you begin with Butterfree and continue with the much-relied-upon tactic of rotating through your attacks. You will find Confusion to be supremely effective against most (if not all) of your opponents, even when it isn’t actually super-effective against your opponent; the move is simply that powerful.

Make sure you keep on using Harden at every opportunity until the tiny icon next to your Pokémon indicates you have used it six times (this is the upper limit for how many  times you are allowed to use this move). This combination of Confusion and Harden will allow you to deal the maximum amount of damage while ensuring you receive a minimum amount of pain from your enemies. Once you have hardened six times, simply concentrate on your offensive attacks and watch your opponent’s health dwindle.

When you come up against Butterfree, ‘Confusion’ proves to be quite ineffective; this is why I recommend cycling through all of your moves because Butterfree still knows ‘Tackle’ from the good old days when she used to be a Metapod or even a lowly Caterpie. Focus on using Tackle against Youngster 2.0’s Butterfree; this should ensure that you do not stall at this hurdle and lose too much health.

Do not allow the health of your Pokémon (again, I am mainly talking about your Butterfree here since he is pretty much the foundation upon which all of your progress and success in 1vs1 mode is based) go below the green level on the health-bar indicator before you use a Potion/Oran Berry. I say this because if you allow your Pokémon’s health to venture to these depths, then you may be caught out by a ‘super-effective’ or ‘critical hit’ move which will render the potion that you were about to administer completely useless.  In most battles, this would not matter too much because the stakes are relatively low, but at this stage and with this many Pokémon to face, it can be very frustrating having to begin the battle again not because you failed to prepare for it in the first place, but because you were too relaxed about administering first aid to your Pokémon.

Pikachu appears to be fairly effective against Youngster’s Bulbasoar in spite of the sever level deficiency (in my case, Pikachu was a pathetic level 5 facing Youngster’s Bulbasoar that stands at a mighty level 13). Rattata is a an excellent all-round Pokémon which is why I had two in my team, if only to chip away at the opponent’s health (Rattata has sadly been the equivalent of an expendable pawn in this game) before he faints. Don’t bother wasting your potions on saving most of your other Pokémon; the most important one to keep alive is Butterfree.

Further advice would be stating the obvious such as not using flying Pokémon against Pikachu or rock Pokémon against Bulbasoar because of the super-effectiveness of the latter over the former respectively in each case. You should probably know this information by now but it doesn’t always hurt to reiterate these points. In any case, you shouldn’t be using Geodude in level 8 because I already told you to discard him from your team in light of the battle against Youngster 2.0.

The main thing to remember about this battle (apart from using Butterfree’s mighty selection of moves) is to keep using potions should Butterfree’s health dwindle too far into unacceptable lower limits. If you proceed in the above manner, you should almost always find yourself to be the victor of the battle, and indeed of the whole 1vs1 mode as far as it has been taken in its development.

If you find yourself the winner in your battle against Youngster then firstly you should breathe a sigh of relief since you have proven yourself to be the conqueror of all Pokémon, or at least all the flash-animated Pokémon within the discrete world of 1vs1 mode in Pokémon Tower Defence 2 pending further development and additions to the game, at least. Secondly, the final Pokémon is bestowed upon you in the form of Jigglypuff, who is an outrageously cute and heart-stoppingly loveable example of a fictional creature who has the ability to sing its enemies to sleep. Prevailing over Youngster 2.0 also wins you the last Rare Candy, which you have no use for in this run, but since you now have a fair bit of money and can start all over again, you may wish to experiment with different combinations of Pokémon at different stages of evolution; this is probably only for the most avid of all dedicated Pokémon enthusiasts, but is a fun thought and one that warrants entertaining.

pokemon tower defense 2 youngster 2 0

Figure 13: Youngster 2.0

pokemon tower defense 2 completion for now

Figure 14: Completion for Now

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