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Shiny Pokemon and Shadow Pokemon Types

Almost all of the Pokemon you can have in the game have Shiny and Shadow types and as you may imagine, they are significantly rarer than the regular Pokemon that appear in the game.

These special Pokemon are easy to identify thanks to the small sparkles that appear on their images. Also, in the trading lists, Shiny Pokemon have light-blue boxes and there is a star on their names. Shadow Pokemon have darker images and in the trading lists, they have purple boxes.

Shiny Pokemon are special since they earn experience points at a very fast rate, this means that they gain levels faster and are able to improve stats ahead of other Pokemon. But aside from that, the Shiny Pokemon get an important status for players simply because of their rarity. In combat, they are completely the same. Hence, a level 50 shiny Mew and a level 50 regular Mew will have the same stats.

To get these rare shiny Pokemon, players of PTD have a variety of options to take. The most basic one is automatic: wait for the shiny Pokemon to spawn. The odds are actually pretty low, way below .01 percent (according to some sources, 1 in 8000). This extremely low chance does happen and players are alerted with a message that will pause the game until you click the confirmation button. Also, once the shiny critter comes out, the game is set to x1 speed (in case you had the pace sped up) for players to have a chance of actually catching the special Pokemon. A last point worth raising: shiny Pokemon will always have a red life bar even if they are full. This means you can catch them the moment they appear on screen.

Aside from that, you can also purchase shiny Pokemon from the trading site. Some are available from the game corner in exchange for casino coins while others can be bought with real cash via SnD coins. Of course, you can also choose to try your luck at the trading center until you find a good deal for it.

Shadow Pokemon, like the shiny ones, are also rare and are considered as special collectibles by players. They do not get a bonus to experience points gain, instead, they can learn unique shadow moves. Obtaining Shadow Pokemon can only be done through three means (currently), the first is to spend 300,000 casino coins to obtain one of the 70 available shadow types, the second is to use the mystery gift code (which unlocks one of two shadow Pokemon), and lastly, through trading.

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