PTD 2 Walkthrough: 1 vs 1 Mode: Alternate Strategies & Tactics

The tactics for 1vs1 mode which I have discussed in this writing are based on my own tactics that I used within the game in order to get through it in what I believed to be the easiest way possible. The method is by no means foolproof and due to the large number of variables within any one battle, let alone in a series of eight subsequent ones in which it can be quite difficult to predict the outcomes. I have stumbled upon some other strategies which, upon testing, I found to also be quite effective. These are as follows:

Money Glitch strategy

I happened upon this when scouring Youtube for various strategy videos in my efforts to compile a useful path through the game. The premise is simple: to use 1vs1 mode’s ‘coin memory’ in order to accumulate vast amounts of coins with as little effort as possible which can be used to build up your Pokémon team and purchase large numbers of potions. The first way to do this is to begin a new game and purchases Spearow only without buying any other Pokémon or items. Use Spearow in the first and second battles; his peck attack should breeze past Professor Oak and will sometimes (but by no means often) prevail over the bug catcher in level 2. Spearow will lose the third battle against Ash but this is the intention: you will now be in possession of a significant number of coins. Repeat this technique for an easy way of accumulating money without exerting too much effort.

Stacking the Benjamins

This method is very similar to the strategy involving the so-called ‘Money Glitch’ but involves getting to Pewter City gym but being purposely defeated by Youngster 2.0 in order to receive the one hundred coin reward as a result of doing so. Repeating this many times will allow you to accumulate a significant number of coins in order to purchase the Pokémon of your choice and build up the team of your dreams (as long as your dreams revolve around Pokémon Tower Defence 2 and exist within the parameters and rules set by game and the Pokémon available within it).

With so much money available, it will be possible for you to buy the maximum number of potions and therefore be able to keep your Pokémon alive for much longer.

Geodude Strategy

(Courtesy of Eba of the Pokémon Tower Defense Wikia)

This strategy involves the gratuitous use of Geodude and his incredible defensive capabilities in order to progress quickly through the game. While this method is quite monotonous and unimaginative (it doesn’t call for buying of any other Pokémon, therefore you do not get to explore the different kinds available), it is very effective and is another means to an end. Note that it is a requirement that you have already played through to and beaten level 5 in order to have unlocked Geodude in the first place. Also note that Geodude becomes useless after fighting Brock because of the plant-type Pokémon which Youngster 2.0 possesses; this is testament to the ‘means to an end’ nature of the Geodude method. 

The strategy requires that you purchase a Geodude straight away and fight the first battle by using tackle. Subsequently, you should buy a second Geodude (for backup and those just-in-case scenarios) and a Rare Candy every time you are able. Potions also come in handy in case of the close-call situations that occasionally happen during Pokémon battles. Concentrate on levelling up your original Geodude and cycling through his attacks, using Defence Curl six times between tackling and then concentrating on attacking moves. In the unlikely event that your primary Geodude should faint, send out your secondary one to mop up the remaining opponents.

 In level 6, be sure to use ‘Rock Throw’, which is a more powerful move; the extra power is necessary because of your opponents being of the same type as you. Continue in the same way by cycling through all of your attacks and you should emerge as the victor. Remember that you cannot use Geodude after battling Brock because he will be extremely vulnerable to the attacks of all the Plant Pokémon which Youngster 2.0 has about his person. This method is an easy way to get to level 7 in order to accumulate as much money as possible.

 While these above methods contradict the strategic aspects of the game and indeed go against the spirit of Pokémon battles in general, they are effective in their outcomes and are a legitimate means to an end; having so much money can allow you to explore the evolution possibilities of each Pokémon available to you and essentially empowers you with the means to fully explore 1vs1 mode and all its possibilities.

Sadly, I cannot offer you a dramatic conclusion or any sense of closure at the conclusion of this guide; the nature of Pokémon Tower Defence 2 means that the game is in constant development, with new sections and aspects being added on an almost weekly basis. Fear not, for I shall be attempting to keep as up to date with the walkthroughs as Sam and Dan appear to be with their game’s development. Stay tuned to the proverbial dial as the future will most definitely hold more musings and guidance through the magical world of Pokémon.

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