PTD 2 Walkthrough: Cherry Grove, Route 30 & Route 31

You arrive in Cherrygrove City to witness a fair bit of commotion caused entirely by the legendary birds hovering overhead in a rather panicked fashion. Professor Gary is a familiar face here and the mention of Ash should have the Pokémon fan inside you positively gleaming. The challenge that awaits you takes on a village-wide scale; that is, the battle area consists of the entire village area, with the camera zooming out a little to make this possible. This dramatic scene signifies a significant escalation in difficulty here; any Pokémon fans will be aware that a battle with even one legendary bird is hard enough, let alone three of them in an agitated state.

The format of the battle is the same as your previous encounters with Pokémon, only this one is on a slightly increased scale. Zapdos (one of the legendary birds) moves slowly around the area with smaller Pokémon surrounding him as backup. Place your Pokémon in whichever position you feel will provide the best line of sight, but do not let Zapdos get too close to you since his attack will instantly knock you out. I found it best to place your Pokémon at various positions on the path where you think Zapdos will be wandering next; as he approaches, simply move your Pokémon a sufficient distance away and continue. Zai (one of the members of the group that just couldn’t wait to face an encounter with the legendary birds) will heal your Pokémon if you put them close to her, which is pretty useful since this battle will certainly take its toll on your posse.

Essentially,  the aim is to eliminate all the Pokémon that aren’t legendary birds in order to cater for the slow, bumbling nature of Zapdos, who you should keep away from as much as possible. You can keep healing your Pokémon with Zai, just ensure that all of your Pokémon aren’t defeated or the battle will reach an abrupt conclusion and you will be forced to start again. Once the smaller Pokémon are defeated, Zapdos will eventually glide upwards and make an exit, signifying the end of the battle. After Ash himself makes a welcome cameo appearance, Lugia calms the legendary birds down with some rather frantic flapping of its wings, which seems to do the trick.

pokemon tower defense 2: cherry grove city pokemon tower defense 2: zapdos

Your arrival in Cherrygrove City appears to be met with some dramatic happenings between Pokémon and human alike (left). Avoidance of Zapdos’ deadly attack is essential to surviving the battle for long enough to be able to eliminate the smaller Pokémon (right).

Once everything has settled down a little, feel free to talk to the people who stick around; they don’t offer any information of substance, however, and the only new place you can go at the moment is to Route 30, which is to the north of Cherrytown. Head to the middle of the area and you will see the path to Route 30 lined with a wooden fence-like partition; walk upwards and enter it  at your leisure.

Route 30

The main reason to bring your presence to this area is to capture a few new Pokémon. You will see many wild Caterpie wandering about without a carse in the world; feel free to capture a few of them if you feel like they would make a worthy addition to your collection. I recommend that you wait for darkness in this area and wander around until you happen upon a giant spider’s web. The location of this web changes constantly and therefore I cannot indicate the location, but you will eventually stumble upon it. Once you find one, approach it like you would a wild Pokémon; you will become entangled in the web and a battle begins. The Pokémon whose evening you have rudely interrupted is Spinarak, and he will make a welcome addition to your rapidly-expanding Pokémon collection. Reduce his health sufficiently enough to capture him and perform the deed.  Due to Sam and Dan’s most recent update of the game, you are now able to venture to Route 31; head up to the top of the level, following the path that takes you to Route 31.

Route 31

One Bellsprout Please, with Extra Vine-Whip

On entering Route 31 you may notice that there is a little bit of greenery in your way; follow the clearing to the right and upwards, and feel free to capture any wild Pokémon that you may not already have in your collection. At this stage, I highly recommend capturing a Bellsprout if you come across one; these can be found during the daytime in this area, so wander around and enter into battle with the first one you come across. The reason that you are capturing this plant Pokémon is for its super-effectiveness against Geodude whom you will need to capture very shortly after this in order to be able to stand tall against the gym leader.  After all, gym leader Falkner is the ultimate goal in Pokémon Tower Defence 2 thus far in its production progress. Capture a Bellsprout and either train it up here, or wait for the dark cave. Either way, its vine whip will soon be invaluable to you in your quest to capture a Geodude.

 The first stop before we reach our intended destination will be the Dark Cave, which in case the title wasn’t explanatory enough, is a cave which is extremely dark; so much so that you cannot see where you are going. Don’t worry, you won’ be required to navigate your way through the cave’s shadowy depths quite yet; it is simply an area which you can use to capture new Pokémon for the time being. Wander up to the cave and enter its gloomy interior.

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