PTD 2 Walkthrough: Story Mode: The Dark Cave

In the cave you will encounter only Zubats and Geodudes; while your excitement may initially be limited to being over the opportunity to add to your Pokémon collection, your visit to the cave has a more essential purpose than simply adding to your creature catalogue. The most recent update from Sam and Dan means that you are now able to fight your first gym battle, and without embellishing the truth, it’s going to be a rather tough affair.

In order to stand a chance against the newly-added gym leader, it pays to have some Geodudes handy in your collection; their defensive capabilities are second to none and if trained to a high enough level, their Rock Throw move is invaluable in tough situations and looks to be the only way to defeat the new gym leader. I recommend that you capture at least two Geodudes in the cave and wander around entering into all manners of wild Pokémon battles in order to train your Geodudes to level twelve minimum.

When wandering around the cave, you will bump into Geodudes which will be immediately startled, shoving you backwards a fair bit and popping fully into view when they do so. This is how you know they are ready to fight; simply walk up to them and a battle will begin. Proceed in the usual manner by wearing their health away slowly; if you caught a Bellsprout as I suggested above, it will be a pretty easy task to capture two of these rock Pokémon do to the vine whip. The real challenge when using Bellsprout lies not in reducing their health by a sufficient quantity when they pass, but in not accidentally making them faint before you capture them. Either way, two Geodudes are sufficient for you gym battle, so train them up to level 12 and you will be all set.

pokemon tower defense 2: bellsprout

Swipe a Bellsprout from its natural surroundings and make it feel at home inside your Pokéball. No one ever said Pokémon training was a compassionate profession, but you’ll need its Vine Whip to overpower the Geodudes that you need to capture.

Tiny Hint

[As a small side note, I would like to make it clear that even though the level system is capped at 10 in the general environment within the game, you are able to train the Pokémon to a higher level wherever you may be. Their actual level will be displayed in the Poképad while their capped level is indicated during battles; this feature simply stops you from using Pokémon which are built up too highly for the context that they are being used in. Think it of it as a ceiling installed to limit the progress you can make due to the fact that the game is not a finished article but an ongoing work in progress. The level displayed in brackets during battles is your Pokémons actual level, whereas the level cap is indicated outside of the brackets. For your information, the cap is lifted when you enter the Rock Cave and also the new gym battle which you are about to enter into]

 Training up your Geodudes will give you a fighting chance against the new gym leader who, after you have trained up your Geodudes and other Pokémon for good measure, you can conveniently locate by walking all the way to the left from the Dark Cave. Two men appear to be loitering outside the gym; one harbours a message from Sam regarding the incomplete nature of the level and the other is the gym leader himself. The message from Sam is just a quirky addition to the recent update, while conversing with the other man will begin a tough and lengthy gym battle.

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