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Okay, we have been going on all about how complicated the battle system is, but just saying something is not going to get you anywhere, so here we have compiled a list of all the various types of attacks and have arranged them according to their effectiveness. There are a total of 17 types of attacks, ranging from normal, to electric, to poison, to flying, to steel and even dark. For the most part, an attack will affect a target and deal a set or normal amount of damage, but in some cases, such as using an electric attack on a water creature, the attack is even more effective and is able to deal double the usual damage. To read this chart, read it as it is. Element comparisons not listed, such as Ice attacks on Electric creatures, are automatically considered to be regular attacks and will deal a normal amount of damage.

  • Normal Attacks - these are the most basic kinds of attacks available. They are half effective against rock and steel types (since those are tough, and are naturally defended against basic attacks), and will deal no damage against ghost type creatures.
  • Fire Attacks - common in creatures that look like they breathe fire, like dragons. Weak when used against fire, water, rock and dragon enemies. At the same time, they deal twice the damage against grass, ice, bugs and steel enemies.
  • Water Attacks - are often used by swimming monsters. These attacks are weak against water, electric, grass and dragon types. But they deal double the damage against fire, ground and rock creatures.
  • Electric Attacks - the likes of Pikachu and other bolt zapping creatures use these. These attacks are resisted by electric, grass, and dragons, while ground units will take no damage at all. When used on water and flying creatures however, the attacks are very effective.
  • Grass Attacks - are when Pokemon utilize long vines, sharp leaves and even seed pellets against enemies. They are not effective against fire, grass, poison, flying, bug, dragon and steel creatures. You should be able to use them effectively against water, ground and rock enemies.
  • Ice Attacks - when it is all about things that are frosty such as snow, icicles and the like, you consider it an ice attack. These attacks are not useful versus water, ice and steel enemies. But against grass, ground, flying, rock and dragon enemies, they deliver plenty of damage.
  • Fighting Attacks - some Pokemon are adept at using their fists, paws and tails for combat, and the power is so strong it can no longer be part of a normal attack. These attacks are weak against poison, flying, psychic, and bug types - also, they do absolutely no damage to ghosts. On the other hand, they will do double damage to normal, ice, rock, steel and dark type creatures.
  • Poison Attacks - are used by Pokemon who have a bit of venom in their bite. They have no effect against poison, ground, rock, and ghost type creatures. Also, steel takes no damage from poison. Against grass and bugs, they will deal double the damage.
  • Ground Attacks - these attacks use the soil underneath to deal some damage. They are weak against grass and bug creatures while flying creatures are completely immune to them (since they fly). They are very strong against fire, electric, poison, rock, and steel creatures.
  • Flying Attacks - are by Pokemon who prefer to take to the sky. They are weak against electric, rock, and steel creatures but strong against grass, fighting, and bug creatures.
  • Psychic Attacks - are used by Pokemon that have strong mental powers. They are weak against steel and other psychic Pokemon while dark types are immune to these attacks. These attacks are best used against fighting and poison Pokemon.
  • Bug Attacks - are used by insect type Pokemon. These attacks are weak against fire, fighting, flying, ghost, and steel Pokemon. They are effective against grass, psychic, and dark types.
  • Rock Attacks - are usually made by Pokemon that are made of stone. They will do only half damage to fighting, ground, and steel Pokemon while they will deal double damage to fire, ice, flying, and bug types.
  • Ghost Attacks - these attacks are used by ghostly Pokemon. They are weak against steel and dark Pokemon. Normal type Pokemon are immune to ghost attacks. When used on psychic and other ghost Pokemon, their effect is doubled.
  • Dragon Attacks - can only be used by dragon type Pokemon. They are not particularly strong against any other type aside from ghost Pokemon. Also, dragons are naturally strong against other dragon attacks.
  • Steel Attacks - these attacks are used by Pokemon that have command of metals. The attacks of this element are weak against fire, water, electric, and other steel Pokemon. They are effective against ice and rock types (also, you should note that steel type Pokemon usually take only half damage from almost all attacks except for water and electric which deal normal damage while they are weak against fire, fighting and ground attacks).
  • Dark Attacks - used by Pokemon who employ the power of an undefined element, dark attacks deal half damage to fighting, steel, and other dark Pokemon. They are effective against psychic and ghost type Pokemons.

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