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Introduction, Small-talk and Polite Handshakes

pokemon tower defense 2 walkthrough

There is not a day that goes by that doesn’t involve me yearning for simpler, two dimensional times; times when troubleshooting hardware issues simply involved alternately switching a console off and on again in rapid succession; times before blu-ray, DVD or even the never-popular Minidisc; these times that fill my head with a sense of longing and dreamy, rose-tinted nostalgia are of course a reference to older consoles, 8-bit graphics and truly immersive and challenging gameplay. Fast-forward a few years from the Super Nintendo and you happen upon the Gameboy, my favourite title for which was Pokémon (Red, Blue and Yellow; any titles that followed these were a waste of everyone’s time, money, effort and gaming ability). Well I’ll be damned if I’m not going to tell the world how much I enjoyed happening upon ‘Pokémon Tower Defence 2: Generations’ by the dedicated developers known as Sam and Dan, the long-awaited and heavily anticipated sequel to the original title of the tower defence genre.

Combining all the sweet-tasting characteristics of tower defence, some hefty wedges of bittersweet strategy, a buttery biscuit base of a role-playing richness and all bound beautifully together with a creamy, Pokémon-flavoured filling, ‘Pokémon Tower Defence 2: Generations’ takes the original and adds a lot more variation, considerably more depth, a story mode which you can freely navigate and a 1vs1 mode to be altogether proud of, even if you are one of the many people out there that weren’t responsible for the game’s creation, which is almost everyone in the world besides Sam, Dan and any outside help they may have used in the game’s production. Don’t worry: this means you can simply sit back and enjoy the fun as it was intended from a player’s perspective.

Since the game’s two main modes are pretty complicated affairs in their own right, I have taken it upon myself, with no justification or qualification, to attempt to compile a general guide which will take the reader through the game and at very least show them what to expect as they play through it. I intend to provide guidance through both story and 1vs1 modes, offering as much detail as is possible bearing in mind the complexity of the game and the extremely high number of variables which range from the types of Pokémon you catch in story mode and the Pokémon you choose to buy in 1vs1 mode to the simply endless number of combinations of Pokémon that are available to you, any one of which can result in either victory or defeat at any one time. While this guide cannot possibly offer you a step-by-step encounter of every single possible route through the game with every possible combination of Pokémon, I hope for it to offer a satisfactory and successful route through the game, indicating the choices that I made in 1vs1 mode and the routes to take in story mode that will lead you to a successful completion of the most current version of the game.

1vs1 mode is heavily reminiscent of the original Pokémon battle format that has been gently squeezed into the parameters of a tower defence game whereas story mode offers a more free-roaming affair featuring encounters with sometimes multiple enemies in different locations and the ability to capture, train and fight with your own private army of up to six Pokémon at any one time. I am assuming that since you have come as far as to seek out a Pokémon-themed game in the first place, you are therefore aware of the general idea of the Pokémon basics such as levels, acquisition of moves and the “Gotta catch ‘em all” sentiments of the Pokémon universe.

pokemon tower defense 2 story mode pokemon tower defense 2 story mode: lab

Story Mode immerses you in a free-roaming adventure in which you are able to wander freely and locate, collect, and train your Pokémon to fighting perfection (left). Pure, unadulterated battling takes place in 1vs1 mode, where the only things required of you are tactics, forethought and the desire to mercilessly crush all opponents that stand before you (right).

I will write this walkthrough while under the active assumption that you will not be confused about my occasional use of the technicalities of the Pokémon world, and that I can speak freely about items such as ‘Rare Candy’ and ‘Experience Points’ without causing a blank expression to surface on your otherwise understanding face.

Since Story Mode contains the largest amount of variables, it is the most difficult to compile a guide for. However, being the kind of man who ever enjoys a good challenge, and who finds mild satisfaction in getting life’s difficulties out of the way to make way for the relatively breezy easiness of the remaining tasks, I will begin with story mode. If the information contained within this guide is not up to the standard you expect, or the style of language in which it is written doesn’t live up to your initial expectations, then I feel I must remind you that there is nothing I care about less than  your standards or expectations, and that since this (as far as I can see) the only comprehensively- written guide for this game on the whole of the internet, then you are stuck with my standards and will be satisfied with my own expectations of myself. Let us begin.

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