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Pokemon Tower Defense: Now in it's First Full Release!

Listen up all you Pokemon fans! Sam and Dan's massively popular and successful flash homage game for the Pokemon series has finally come out in its first full version outside of the original Alpha release editions.

For those of you wondering, Pokemon Tower Defense (PTD) is a widely popular fun pokemon game based on Nintendo and Game Freak's hit monster-pet game. The flash variant moves away from the original RPG gameplay and delivers a new type of Pokemon adventure: tower defense style. Players will get to capture, train and use all of the original Pokemon from the Red, Blue and Green editions as well as a few guest appearances from the Black, White, Silver and Gold releases.

This game is mission based, as opposed to manually travelling from one gym to the next, you get to experience one battle after another, encountering waves of Pokemon that are indigenous to the stage setting. One of the best features of the original was the thrill of encountering rare Pokemon that only appear in certain conditions. The tower defense game continues this tradition by making use of a random wave creation feature - enemy waves are not purely set, each time you play a stage, some of the spawns get randomized, and there is also a very rare chance to encounter and even capture unique Pokemon.

In terms of graphics, ptd sticks very closely to it's Gameboy origins. While there are a few hints of graphical details being improved (in line with the new generation games), the backgrounds and character designs are strictly loyal to the original material. The sprites and designs of the Pokemons themselves are taken directly from the game, which means that fans of the series will be able to easily identify their favorite Pokemon. While some of the attack animations have been modified (often to a simpler style), everything looks amazing when it all comes together. Fans will certainly appreciate being able to visit and return to many familiar places and sights in the Pokemon series such as the Vermillion gym, Oak's Lab and so much more.

The sound is equally as impressive, making use of the original 16 bit music themes of the game, you get to hear many of the original tunes. Naturally, the special effects are also taken straight from the original game, and its authentic sound help's establish the Pokemon world even more.

The free pokemon game is not an officially recognized product by Nintendo, as such, it has no connections or interactivity with your other Pokemon products. That being said, the game provides enough extended features on its own. There are plenty of achievements and in-game challenges to accomplish and the online trading system gets you to interact with thousands of other players online. Also, PTD's developers are constantly providing players with new interactive content, such as mini-games, raffles and promotional sales on purchasable content. While the game is fully free to play (from your browser or through a standalone application), you can also choose to purchase special game credits that will allow you to buy unique avatar items or rare and legendary Pokemon that are unavailable otherwise.

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